Pipedream Fantasy card game - Adult game from Pipedream

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Fantasy card game Adult game by
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  • Fantasy card game - Adult game
  • Fantasy card game - Adult game
  • Fantasy card game - Adult game
  • Fantasy card game - Adult game
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Game for lovers who want to spark up their love life. With these cards and a roll of the dice you and your lover will find intimate roles to play. Scenarios like an undercover super spy trying to get information from an amorous informant..or a sexy call girl and her naive client. Also provided are character descriptions, locations and clothing suggestions.

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    • Dame Demi
      Advanced reviewer, rank 6.5/10

      The Fantasy Card Game is not really much of a GAME. It is, however, a nicely-produced deck of cards with detailed suggestions for sexual fantasy role-play scenarios. The cards contain suggestions for props and locations, and enough character description and back-story to get you started on a great fantasy!

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