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Party favors and gags reviews

Amazing cunnilingus instructional deck
Adult games
Author: MR Chickhabit
These cards are ugly, stupid, and pointless, unless you are a kiss-less virgin, in which case you could do a whole lot better. Please don't buy.
Black ice interracial playing cards
Adult games
Author: JLM21
These are a good addition to any adult game box. They add some excitement to an otherwise boring card game(s). I would definitely say these would be worth buying!!
The Love I Owe You 52 love vouchers
Adult games
Author: joaker
If you make your own rules (and agree to follow them through) this deck could help ignite some flames, so long as both parties are 100% willing.
Fortune cookies
Edible treats
Author: Mari
Most people probably get these fortune cookies so they can give the cookies to people as a gag. Me, I got these for the box. The box is an absolute hoot! The cookies are the usual run-of-the-mill fortune cookie, albeit with a little more flavor than most cookies. Sadly, the fortunes aren't very thrilling (see full review to see which ones I got), but the box is worth it as a gag gift.

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The Best Bachelorette Party Book The Best Bachelorette Party Book $7.64 A complete guide for planning Bachelorette parties.
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