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Leather blindfold
The Leather Blindfold is a suitable choice for both those who are experienced with kink or those who are trying it for the first time. The softened leather gives it a soft, sensual appearance while the felt caresses the skin during use. The Velcro allows this blindfold to be adjustable for a perfect, snug fit that blocks out all light.
— Kayla
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  • Leather blindfold - Blindfold
  • Leather blindfold - Blindfold
  • Leather blindfold - Blindfold
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The Leather Blindfold is a suitable choice for both those who are experienced with kink or those who are trying it for the first time. The softened leather gives it a soft, sensual appearance while the felt caresses the skin during use. The Velcro allows this blindfold to be adjustable for a perfect, snug fit that blocks out all light.


Very adjustable, works for all experience levels, blocks out all light, soft-feeling.


Visible seams where materials meet.

Best use:

A blindfold is used to restrict vision. This is used for sensory deprivation. When one sense is deprived (in this case, vision), the other senses become more aware which means that the sense of touch, smell, and hearing will pick up things more easily. This can increase arousal because the wearer does not know what sensation is coming next.

As with most types of kink play, do not engage in blindfolded play with someone you do not trust. While this blindfold is very to remove because of the Velcro closing, it is still best to not take away your sense of sight while someone you do not trust is in the room. Use with your discretion, but always err on the side of caution.

This blindfold is suited for light kink or heavy kink as well as beginners and advanced players. As with most blindfolds, this product can not be locked. The leather gives it a more hard-core look while the Velcro allows for an easy out if need be. Due to the small size and discreet appearance, this is travel friendly. However, it does not appear as discreet as other types of blindfolds due to the leather on the front. This product should be used for anyone who is looking for a way to restrict the vision.
  • Design / Craftsmanship / Material / Size / Fit:

    This Leather Blindfold is made from both leather and felt. It also includes Velcro. The leather is softened and feels smooth and soft to the touch. It will gather bodily oils/sweat, so it is worth wiping down regularly to keep the softened leather nice, soft, and clean. The felt will show skin flakes if you have dry skin, so again, wiping it down regularly is a good idea.

    The front side of the blindfold is the side with the leather. This side is the side that the the non-wearer will see. It gives the blindfold a bit more of a kinky, fetish feel. The leather is attached to the blindfold through strong layers of stitching, and none of the stitching has become removed with our use. The blindfold has three separate pieces of leather - one along each arm of the blindfold as well as the piece of leather along the front. There are obvious seem lines where the three different pieces of leather meet-up.

    The felt side also has the three pieces of felt - one along each arm as well alone the blindfolding portion. The felt is very soft, and it feels soft against the face. There is no scratchiness to this material. The edges of the felt have been cut evenly as well.

    This blindfold fastens by Velcro. There are two strips of three-inch long Velcro on each side. This allows the wearer to adjust the blindfold to their personal size. The Velcro is the average black Velcro, and it is attached with the strong stitching like the rest of the blindfold. There is also a small Sportsheets tag attached to the Velcro, but this does not get in the way of use.

    The design works well for this blindfold. Instead of having the usual blindfold design where the blindfold goes over the nose as well as over the eyes, Sportsheets designed a blindfold that has a piece cut-out for where the nose should go. This keeps the blindfold purely covering the eyes. While other blindfolds come away from the skin because of the nose, this blindfold lays flat against the face because of the nose hole.

    Material safety
    1.4 oz
  • Performance:

    This blindfold is average in size for most wearers. It fits both the boyfriend and I's heads comfortably. Because the Velcro allows for easy adjustment, this blindfold should fit a variety of head sizes. It will fit, at the smallest, an 18 inch circumference, and at the largest, it goes up to 24 inches in circumference. This fits most average head sizes. If you are unsure if this will fit, just make sure to measure your head before purchasing the blindfold. Because of the adjustable tightness, this blindfold does not feel too tight nor too loose.

    The Leather Blindfold does not slip off of the head. The velcro does not release during use, but if you have the Velcro at a looser setting (from 21 inches to 24 inches in circumference), the exposed Velcro may attach to any microfiber material you have on a pillow or sheet. If there is a lot of struggle, the blindfold may move itself up from the eyes, but we did not have this problem during use as long as the blindfold was snug.

    The blindfold is comfortable to wear as well. The edges are finished and cut cleanly, and the edges are not itchy during use. The felt material against the skin feels soft and not scratchy, and if your partner is near the blindfold while you wear it, the softened leather is soft as well. This blindfold does not cling too tightly nor will it cause headaches or press uncomfortably against the eyes. It restricts vision, but it does not distract in an uncomfortably manner.

    This blindfold, for the most part, does not let in light. The boyfriend claims that he can see a slight bit of light around the nose, but when I wear it, I can not see any light at all. The material is also heavy enough that it is pitch-black when wearing the blindfold; it's like closing your own eyes. If you scrunch your face or make specific facial movements, it lets in light, but it seems like the blindfold works well to keep light from coming in. Even with the boyfriend, the light it lets in is extremely minimal, and he can not see anything around him.

    Special Features:
    • Kinky
  • Care and Maintenance:

    This blindfold is made from leather and felt. Because leather's finish can be broken down by soap, it is recommended that you do not clean this blindfold with soap. Instead, use a slightly damp washcloth to wipe down both sides of the blindfold. This blindfold can not be sterilized. It also should not regularly get harmful bodily fluids on it, so this blindfold is suitable for multiple person use as long as you avoid getting blood or sexual fluids on it.

    For storage, it is recommended that you lay this blindfold flat or lay it sitting up in a circular-design. It is not good, however, to lay it folded as the leather tends to pick up creases. Aside from that, this blindfold needs no special storage.

  • Packaging:

    The packaging for the Leather Blindfold is classy. The box itself is a bit large for the size of the blindfold, but it allows the blindfold to lay flat to avoid getting creases in the material. The box shows a man and a woman on the front in their underwear, and the backside shows the blindfold itself. The backside also mentions that it's high-quality leather, includes a comfort-lining, and the blindfold closes by use of Velcro. There are no instructions in the package, but use of a blindfold is self-explanatory.

    There is no reason to keep the packaging after removing the blindfold. The packaging is a bit too large to use to regularly store the blindfold. However, since the packaging is made of cardboard, it can be flattened down to save space, and it can also be recycled. The packaging is also suitable for gift-giving though it may be difficult to wrap this circular box.

  • Other
    One size fits most
    Safety features:
    Phthalates free
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