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These medium-weight adjustable hand cuffs are for couples who want to dabble in light bondage without the fear of being stuck if they lose the key. Easy-to-use safety releases mean you are never *really* helplessly bound, and the furry coverings keep your skin away from the cold metal while adding a sensual touch.


Well made. Medium weight. Safety release catches.


None when you consider their intended use.

Best use:

Though not for suspension bondage or large wrists, the Love Cuffs by NMC Ltd. are a great choice for couples who want to incorporate light bondage into their sensual play. They're what we call "safety cuffs", so timid partners and beginners can enjoy themselves without worrying about not being able to release themselves if there's an emergency or if things get out of hand.
  • Design / Craftsmanship / Material / Size / Fit:

    The Love Cuffs are made out of nickel-free metal of medium weight. They're not as heavy as true police cuffs, but are more substantial than a kid's toy and appear to be well made. There are no rough edges or "weld burrs" anywhere, and swivel connectors are used where the chain attaches so the cuffs can rotate freely.

    These cuffs are adjustable like any standard pair are, but they only fit up to 7" wrists (or ankles) so you may want to measure yourself before purchasing.

    Two keys are included, and if you lose them you can still utilize the safety mechanisms under each wrist to release your partner. Just press the small metal lever downward and the cuffs will open.

    The removable faux fur sleeves are odorless and contain no Azo dyes, which are controversial safety-wise for skin contact. The sleeves are well-sewn with no lose seams or fraying, and they aren't prone to shedding. The fur feels extremely soft and adds a playful non-intimidating look to the hand cuffs as well as making them more comfortable to wear.

    Faux fur / Metal
    Material safety
    11 1/2"
    8 oz
  • Performance:

    For the beginner and anyone who feels uneasy about being handcuffed, the Love Cuffs' main appeal is going to be how easy they are to get on and off. Whether your hands are secured in front of you or behind you the release bar is easy to manipulate, and with a little practice can even be triggered one-handed as well. Make no mistake though; these cuffs do stand up to substantial tugging, and it's not likely that your partner will hit the safety releases on accident. They just lend an extra piece of mind to the person who's wearing them.

    We just wouldn't suggest these for suspension bondage though, because the metal doesn't seem like it would be quite thick enough for that.

    Comfort-wise the Love Cuffs are very nice provided that you don't intend to get too rough with them. The fur lends a bit of cushion for average wear and does protect your wrists from the cold metal, but they are not padded. Lots of rough tugging could result in some bruising.

    Special Features:
    • Kinky
  • Care and Maintenance:

    If you need to clean the Love Cuffs you can slip the fur sleeves off, hand wash them in warm water with mild soap, and lay them out to dry. The cuffs themselves can simply be wiped off with a wet rag, toy cleaner, or alcohol. There's no reason why you *couldn't* wash them in soap and water, but in that case we'd suggest you use a blow dryer and remove any access water from the mechanisms to avoid potential rusting.

  • Packaging:

    Love Cuffs are snugly packaged in a small cardboard box with no wasted space. There's a cellophane window in the front that gives a peek of the product, alongside a tasteful photo of a lingerie-clad model wearing them. It's not exactly discreet, but sends more of a sensual erotic message than a blatantly pornographic one. The same photo is repeated in a smaller version on the back of the box, with pictures of the other colors the cuffs come in and some general product info. It would be suitable for gift-giving or storage.

    Brief instructions are printed on the top of the package, although it's doubtful you'll need any since the cuffs are easy enough to figure out.

  • Experience:

    Alan says:

    I opted to try these cuffs without the fuzzy pink things in place, which wasn't the brightest idea I've ever had. Michele cuffed my wrists around a newel post, and neither of us thought anything of it until we saw the scratches in the wood afterward. Lesson #1 for folks with wooden furniture: the fur protects wood. Considering that she was doing things to make me squirm and tug a lot, it wasn't all that comfortable either. Still, I can't deny that the cuffs did their job well, and I was able to get out of them on my own to launch a surprise counter-attack in the middle of her playing.

    The next time we tried them on me it was in tandem with a single leather cuff that we have. She attached the leather one to the bed post, and then connected the Love Cuffs' chain to the leather cuff's D-ring with a metal connector clasp. This put both of my hands over my head, secured to the bedpost. We also had the pink things on then, and they were comfortable that way.

    Michele says:

    Since I didn't feel the need to be manly and ditch the "pink things", I liked these cuffs from the start. We've always used leather, silk, or rope restraints, so the Love Cuffs were a nice change.

    The feel of the hard metal in contrast to the soft fur was a really interesting sensation, and I didn't find them to be uncomfortable at all. We'll probably never use the keys though, because when we’re done it’s quicker to just trip the cuff’s levers to release each other anyway.

  • Other
    Safety features:
    Food-grade material / Latex free / Non-porous / Phthalates free
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