Xhale Enterprises The Xhale Signature Temperature bag - Storage container from Xhale Enterprises

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The Xhale Signature Temperature bag Storage container by
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Originally brought to market in 2005, XHale proudly re-introduces this patented glass toy accessory.

The beautiful pouch hides a powerful gel pack specifically designed to heat up or cool down your toy. No more mixing your sex toys with food in the fridge….No more bedside ice cube spills…and most importantly no more unnecessary interruptions running back and forth to the kitchen…

This innovative product is designed to be used over and over again….cools in the freezer and warms in the microwave.

The first, the only, and again a quality Xhale product.

Of course we recommend Xhale glass, but this one is compatible with all glass toys on the market.

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    • What a good idea!
    • That's an excellent idea! Must have one!
    • It looks perfect for your temperature play toys. A easy way to warm them up.
    • This is such a great idea.
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