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The Art Of Oral Sex Book by Quiver
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Equal parts anatomy, pictures, and insightful tips, The Art Of Oral Sex offers information for the beginner and seasoned pro alike. Learn about your partner's body, why things feel good, and what to avoid when "going down".

Presented in twelve chapters, the book covers foreplay, materials, settings, positions, and even safe sex. Spiced up throughout with tasteful full-color photography and sensual erotic stories, it's a fun book to read together or to page through for some ideas to use during your next session.

With fun tips like using an everyday breakfast item to enhance his pleasure, or a popular candy to enhance hers, there is plenty of material to heat up your love life.

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    Ian and Alicia Denchasy
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    2007 year
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    • vagabond
      Advanced reviewer, rank 5.2/10

      Here is a quick read for those of you who want a little more info on oral sex. It is not a how-to on going down because there just aren't enough details, but it will probably tell you something you haven't thought of before. Unless you have a lot of experience and then I say read this only for the pictures (and erotic stories at the end).

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