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1001 Ways To Be Romantic Book by Sourcebooks
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  • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic - Book
  • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic - Book
  • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic - Book
  • 1001 Ways To Be Romantic - Book
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Are you getting enough love, passion, fun and romance? Here are hundreds and hunreds of ideas and resources for transforming your relationship into a vibrant, exciting love affair, including gifts, and gestures, setting the atmosphere, surprising your partner and the author's personal notes on the best of the best when it comes to romance.

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    Gregory J.P. Godek
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    2008 year
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    Customer comments

    • Great read. We have always been VERY romantic..and years later, still are, so nothing really new here, but still enjoyed reading this. Many would gain little ideas they might not think of, off hand.
    • I'm surprised by the high ratings.
    • This book is so great! it has such lovely ideas and makes you go awwww! its just great
    • Get some free samples of Godek's uh, work here... and well , Why are people rating this so highly? I'm actually pretty goddamn scared.
    • Im thinking about getting this for my boyfriend as a 'hint hint" we just had a baby in august so the romance is lacking
    • want!
    • This sounds cute =)
    • When I saw the high rating I thought this would have a lot of ironic reviews, and I was suprised. If your idea of romance is aranging things into heart shapes, and you've run out of ideas of things to shape into hearts this must be the book for you!
    • KnK
      Interesting. I've heard that this book was bad, but apparently the people on EF think otherwise
    • This looks like a good book! :D
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    • We have been together for awhile and are in a comfortable stage but dont always do the romantic sweet stuff anymore and this would help bring that back for us. Maybe it needs a try
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