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1001 Ways To Be Romantic

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1001 Ways To Be Romantic

I loved the book. It's been a thorough and deep read and has already helped our relationship. We love it. It was also affordable, and worth the cost, which wasn't much.
Big Book Full of Mixed Styles of Content, Gorgeous, Great Tips and Advice
Can't Think of Any!
Rating by reviewer:
worth reading, but not useful review

About author

The author seems like a great guy. He's an expert in this kind of stuff, and talks about how he's seen it all before. He gets so personal, that I thought it was a woman talking to me because of the way he wrote (And I'm not trying to be sexist, so I apologize.). He's a terrific writer, and I can't wait to read more of his books!
    • Expert author
    • Very personal approach

Content / Style / Audience

Here is a book that is enticing, genuine, and full of creative ideas (including songs that you might decide to play during one of your steamy nights). Here's a marvelous book that screams: "Hey, couples! Look at me! I'm the one you want to read!" from the bookshelf in the store or from the website page. This is a book that you won't want to put down (at least I don't, though I'm not finished with it yet) and will want to read over and over again! Introducting, 1001 Ways to be Romantic, written by Gregory J.P. Godek.

There is a lot that this book has to offer, though the advice is all over the place and randomly dispersed throughout the book. It's terrifically large and terrifically full of information for couples, married or not, and heterosexual or not (though it seems geared toward heterosexuals).

The writing style is very professional, but not condescending. There is a number next to each tip, and there are large paragraphs usually for each.
    • Good mix of styles and content
    • Instructional / educational
    • Text book style


The book is white, simple, and yet unique with a bowl of candy hearts on the front, and bind. On the back it is also white yet colourful, with 8 rectangles of other books that can be compared to this one. This book costs $17.00 in retail value estimate, as well, just so you know (or at least that's what the back of the book says. I found it at Amazon for over $30). And $17 isn't bad, especially for a book like this! (Did you know that more than 1.6 million copies of this book have been sold? Wow!)

As the Boston Herald says (It's written on the bowl of candy hearts on the front of the book), This is, a book "worth memorizing."
    • Discreet cover
    • Large coffee table style
    • Well made

Personal comments

o this book has 1001 ideas, literally, though some I don't necessarily qualify as ideas (where the author is just wondering questions aloud and listing them as apart of those 1001 ways to be romantic), and some are repeated (like gift ideas and dinner ideas). But a lot of them are great ideas, and there has been a lot of highlighting in this book.


So let me let you in on some ideas that the book introduced to me. Though I'm not finished with it yet, it doesn't matter, because my brain is already stuffed with new creativity that I need to use and have already used!

So, onto ideas! And this is not so you won't buy the book, you silly reader! These ideas are only just a fraction, so don't cheat, lol!

*Make a giant greeting card out of a cardboard box.
*Memorize her favourite poem or passage from a book - and recite it during lovemaking.
*Have a suit custom made for him.
*Reserve the honeymoon suite during your next hotel stay.
*Buy a case of champagne, and label each of the 12 bottles with 1.his birthday, 2. her birthday, 3.a midnight snack, 4.anniversary of meeting, 5.anniversary of marrying, 6.picnic, 7.before making love, 8.celebrate a milestone at work, 9.favourite holliday, 10.the first day of spring, 11.the first snowfall/first day of summer 12.for making up after a fight
*Go through her Victoria's Secret (or any other, I'd say) catalog and write your ratings of 1-10 in the margins.
*Spread out the lingerie outfit you'd like her to wear, on the bed.
*Always wrap a present neatly before giving.
*Give him 7 gifts, one for each day of his birthday week.
*Don't leave lovemaking until just before sleeping.
*Schedule more time for foreplay.
*Take care of the kid(s) when it's not your turn.
*Decide to fall in love all over again. That's it. Just decide. You don't need to read books that analyze your relationship. You don't need therapy. Just decide.
*Don't gloat when you're right, and donn't sulk when you don't get your way.
*Don't interrupt when she/he is talking.
*Don't wait for your partner to read your mind.

And there are so many more!
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  • Badmew
    looks cute!
  • Sugarfina
    How is this "not useful at all"? That offends me. I thought it was a pretty good review.
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