101 Grrreat Quickies – a fun guide to better sex life

101 Grrreat Quickies Book by Park Avenue Publishers
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This book is a gift in and of itself! This book has sealed pages with sexy titles. 52 Pages are "For Her Eyes Only" and 52 are "For His Eyes Only" and one final challenge is "For Both of You". The idea is that every week you each open a page, read it secretly and have a few days to perform your "mission" on the other person. It's very exciting to know that while you are "up to something", your partner is too! These books are a great way to add some spice to life, without the risk of bringing up new adventurous subjects yourself. Each book has so many ideas that there is always something for everyone. A lot of people love the idea that the sealed pages won't be read by anyone else in the house! As a retailer you will like that this book cross-sells with a lot of your other merchandise. These make great anniversary, wedding, or shower gifts. The scenarios can be performed at a moment's notice and need little, if any, prep-time. This one could make a fun and unusual baby shower gift!

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