101 Grrreat Quickies - guides to a better sex by Park Avenue Publishers - review by Dragon

101 Grrreat Quickies

Book by Park Avenue Publishers

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Fabulous sex! Not just Great, but quick?

Laura Corn has again produced an outstanding book with some wonderful and creative ideas. I'm glad to have both "Quickies" and "Nights of Great Sex."
Sealed pages- for him and for her to open!
Designed for male/female couples.
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"Great Quickies!" What else could be more interesting when you're picking up a book about sex. Well, the first thing I've always asked, are they going to be "Great for me!!!" YES!

Laura Corn is a unique sex writer. After several failed relationships where she decided that she was frigid, she read every single book about sex that she could find. She began to understand sex at a much deeper level- both the physical ways that men and women are turned on differently and at the emotional level that is necessary for good sex. After becoming involved in a relationship, and discovering great sex she started to write for others. (I can only imagine her sex life now!)

101 Great Quickies is in many ways similar to 101 Nights of Great Sex and I would strongly recommend you to read my review of that as well. (Actually- just buy both!) The quality is just as outstanding.

This is one product where the description on the site is actually fantastic. There are sealed pages. 52 for him to open, 52 for her to open. Then one for the two of you together. I've decided that I love sealed pages. It keeps me focused on one idea until I actually follow through with it and enjoy it.

Each sealed page has some brief instructions for the one who opens it and then turns into a coupon to be given to your partner. There may be additional instructions for your partner to follow. Because this is a book about "Quickies" there is very little preparation involved in the ideas she describes. There is one icon to warn you that you may need a little bit of time to gather "accessories," but all of the ones that I've seen so far are found around the house.

Are the ideas any good? Yes, I think so. I haven't explored this book as much as 101 Nights, but I love it. My main criticism of some of the ideas is the practicality for "Quickie." However, I look at this book as a extension of 101 Nights although it consistently has easy ideas to implement. That works for me.

Two examples from the "for her eyes" section.

The coupon instructs the male to shower, but not get dressed. She gets dressed slowly in front of him. Shirt, skirt, Heels. Everything but the panties. (Practically, I gave up on this idea. I NEVER shower after him.)

This next idea really appeals to me, but when I think about it- clean is required and that means it's not a "QUICKIE." Great sex, not a Quickie. Take note. I'll take the Great part.

Along with this coupon your lover will present you with a bowl of warm oil and a very soft brush. Gently flick the oil over her body and caress. It also suggested open up and say "ahhhhh", but not with my favorite oil I wouldn't be! Somewhere in those instructions it suggested a towel on the bathroom counter, but I think I'd rather turn this entire suggestion into a "Great Night" rather than a quickie.

This is another book that I have not read all of, but I've read enough of it and 101 Great Nights to think that it really is an outstanding addition to any couple's life. I know very few couples that are as consistently creative as either of these books.
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  • Airlia
    So each of these are non fiction ideas with little coupons at the end? It sounds like it might be an interesting way to bring new ides to sex. Or maybe an interesting gift. I would have renamed the book if the sealed ideas are more of a great night than a great quickie - bit misleading then isn't it??
  • Dragon
    Hi Sienna. Each page is sealed. When you open it, it's a combination of instructions / coupon. The coupon part is so that your partner actually gets there piece of the instructions. It requires some amount of commitment from both people rather than one person. One of the ones in Great Nights- my husband bought me new high heeled shoes, he set up the room, and he did several other things. (I got my brain fucked out!)

    I haven't read the entire book, and I don't want to give it away, but both parties play a part. The one that I described "she" presents the oil, and "he" uses it on her. As for a quickie versus a night, I think it will depend on how you play it out. I could see taking this idea, playing on the bathroom counter in the morning w/ either light oil or none and it being a "Quickie." Right now, I'd rather take it to a "Night."
  • vanillaSpice
    Cute idea! Kind of disappointing that it's only designed for straight couples, but from the sound of it it wouldn't be too hard to adapt.
  • C4ss
    Thanks for the review.
  • kutekatie
    Awesome review!
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