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101 Nights of Grrreat Sex

Book by Park Avenue Publishers

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Innovative Nights of Great Sex! YES, she wins...

Laura Corn has actually put together a fantastic book. She's got some really creative ideas in here, and some of the best sex that I remember have actually come out of this book. They take some time to set up though.
The pages are sealed. No peaking. No planning ahead. One plan at a time.
This book is designed for a male/female couple.
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OK. I admit it. I haven't finished this book. ACK- sue me. No wait... Read more first. I honestly think that I've had enough experience with this book to write a honest, reflective and decent review. By the time I actually "finish" I probably would have forgotten most of the book. This book needs a review. It's great, and it's worth buying. However, if you're like most reality based people, you may not finish it for several years. I've been working on it for about that long.

This book is very unusual from most books designed to improve sex. Most books have a list of ideas and suggestions that you read, try a few and forget most. This book has a collection of sealed pages that you CAN'T read. Damn it that drives me crazy. I read. It is however, singularly effective. It forces you to actually concentrate on one idea at a time.

101 Nights. That's 50 nights "For her eyes only." That's 50 nights "For his eyes only." Then there's one left over called the last seduction that you open together. Sealed pages. You don't get a lot to go on. A title. His/Her eyes. Icons. The icons in brief. $$$$. None up to $$$$. Props- sometimes small props needed, Sun- good weather needed, fork- meal involved. OK. Ready to make a decision about if that sealed page actually will work for you for sex?


Laura actually isn't that scary, and she has some outstanding ideas. She doesn't give just one line details. She gives enough of a plot to really help you figure out how to set something up. Each page has some factual information, often a quote or two about sex from different books and the information that you need to get started.

I'm going to share a few examples so you understand the book better. (In brief!)
1. "Night Moves- for her eyes." A normal evening. Food, conversation. Loud music. The kind that you are willing to dance to. Except that you also set up a strobe light. Hmm. Extra surprise clothes that you're willing to rip off - button front. Leaving tattered shirt on, force him to kiss you. Bring out the animal with the erotic snapshots. {I didn't actually do this one, because I HATE strobe lights. They give me headaches. But looking at it again, I'm thinking about revisiting it without the strobe light!)
2. "Double the Pleasure- her eyes" Porn. Except said female watches in advance. When her favorite scene comes up she duplicates it with her partner. {Yum. I opened this one for review. Will be trying soon.}

Now I'm not going to share all the details, but I really really remember two nights that started from this book. One with hot tea. One with high heels and a chair. Damn fucking hot sex.
I love this book. I admit that not every idea works perfectly, and some are harder to implement than others. It's worth it to try though, and the results over all have been terrific. I actually bought her recent book "101 Great Quickies." The book is old though. I don't know if she's updated it for publications, and that might make $ icons out of date. The sex isn't out of date- it's hot!

It can be scary to decide to plan a sexual evening when you're not so sure about the idea hidden in the pages though. In general, it's worth the risk. I think one thing to remember is if one idea really doesn't work for you. Put it aside and just get another one. Pick it up later. I think we ended up putting the book aside for far too long simply because we'd pick up an idea that REALLY wasn't our style.
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  • Fun Lover
    Sounds interesting sealed pages never ran across that before. Thanks for sharing without ruining the content. Always looking for books that fit the intrests of my wife and myself that spice things up. Always looking for new ideas. Good review!
  • Beautiful Dreamer
    I may be getting this now. Thanks for the great review!!
  • Dragon
    Hey Fun Lover, Beautiful Dreamer! Glad to see you here. The holidays are coming... When I pulled this book out to review it, I remembered many wonderful nights. I think this is a fantastic book and I have regrets that it's been temporarily abandoned. I hope that you do buy it! I'm sure that you would enjoy it!
  • Gunsmoke
    I bought this book more than 10 years ago - and loved it - but my wife was not very adventurous at the time - so most of the book was wasted. Maybe it would be worth trying again - I wonder if it's been updated?
  • Crystal1
    Thanks for the review!
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