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  • A Pumper's Handbook - Book
  • A Pumper's Handbook - Book
  • A Pumper's Handbook - Book
  • A Pumper's Handbook - Book
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This guide features information gathered from 4 different sources. It is illustrated with photographs and has instructions and guidelines to follow for using penis pumps and how to achieve results. This book covers everything from the anatomy of the penis to the importance of penis size, different style pumps available on the market today, and a schedule for maximum results. It even has answers to commonly asked pumping related questions.

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    Al Black
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    California Exotic Novelties
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    2006 year
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    • Interesting indeed.
    • interesting
    • museofbemused sexy artiste
      museofbemused sexy artiste
      terrible cover and I'm not sure I understand the concept... it's just... um, what?
    • How do you expect to sell something if you won't even show a picture of the product, EF? :(
    • interesting
    • A guide to pumping? XD
    • Now I KNOW they have a book for everything! :)
    • sexgirl18
      I got this book for my usband. He likes to make his cock bigger. When I gave the book to him he make his cock bigger then we had sex.
    • anonymous
      I bought his book for my husband and he loves he made his cock bigger he loves it. I even got one for my brother he likes the book to.
    • Derose
      This book is great. I bought it for my man, Alan. We both loved it.
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