Adult Mad Libs Keepers and Losers – a fun way of rating men

Adult Mad Libs Keepers and Losers Book by Roadside Amusements
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Who doesn't remember sitting with a friend during recess and filling in the blanks with silly or even forbidden words? Well, just like you, your favorite childhood word game has grown up and is ready to party with the big boys and girls! Adult Mad Libs® addresses all those ridiculous topics that we take much too seriously and puts them into proper perspective....

A guide to rating men - smarts, looks, stamina, charm, manners - and other checklists to help you decide whether you bring him home to Mom or throw him back in the man pool.

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    Roger Price & Lenoard Stern
    Roadside Amusements
    Publication date:
    2005 year
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    • There's really nothing about this that makes it "Adult" or any different than regular Mad Libs. That being said, I adore Mad Libs! Always have & always will. Something silly to do with your best friend rather than something sexy to do with your lover.
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