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Sex in the Shower dual shower head

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This is a great piece to increase the luxury of your shower experience. It doesn't hurt your water pressure and it gives a fabulous shower, as well as giving you the enjoyment of standing in your own fully adjustable stream, instead of sharing with your partner and getting cold!


Dual shower heads, 3 stream options, removable heads.


Must use both heads at once, neither can be shut off.

Best use:

The dual shower head is basically made for ease of showering with two people. It makes it where one of you isn't hogging the stream, and you can adjust your own head so that if you don't like pulsating but your partner does, you can both get your preferences. This shower head is unique for three reasons, in my opinion.

One, you get a double-head system. Even for solo showering, you can get the luxury of both streams. I like this particularly because I don't want the spray to be on the center of my back when I turn my back to the shower head. I want the ability to spray both shoulders so neither one gets cold. Personally, I've found that I love showering this way by myself. Obviously, for two people, each of you gets your own stream and you don't have to worry about being the cold one that doesn't get the water.

Two, the shower heads are adjustable. They have a wide range of rotation, which my old shower head didn't particularly have. They also can be adjusted with three settings, one of which is a typical spray, then a pulsating, and a mix between the two. I like that I can adjust it to my mood, and if I'm by myself, I can have one head pulsating and one spraying. It's a nice sensation.

Three, the shower heads screw off individually. What does this mean? This means you don't have to give up your old shower head. This also means you can have one of those extended removable heads attached on one side, so you can pull it off and use a regular shower head, or have one that is removable. I like this because I can change the heads whenever I want.

I'd like to note that this was exceptionally easy for me to install. I just unscrewed my other shower head, and screwed the dual on. The heads on the dual are really easy to remove and/or tighten as well. It has the typical 1/2 inch piping fit, which should be standard so that shouldn't be a problem for installation, but if you're worried you can always check your piping first.

You can adjust the settings on each head, with a very soft push button. As mentioned earlier, there are three modes. You can select the mode on each head. They aren't hard to push, so when choosing the mixed option in the center, you'll have to make sure the button is aligned in the center, because it doesn't take much to push it too far to one side.

Water power
I actually thought I had terrible water pressure in my shower before I installed this head. I don't know if my old shower head was clogged with lime and calcium build up, or if it just sucked. But I never thought about it until I thought about getting this shower head. I thought, oh crap, what if my water pressure isn't good enough? Turns out that my water pressure does fantastic on this. I didn't experience any loss in pressure, in fact, it increased it. Probably because my old shower head was crap and I just never realized it.
  • Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity:

    The showerhead basically has two streams and one in-between stream. The regular setting is a thinner stream, but is similar to that of a normal shower head. I find that this stream doesn't put out as much power as the jet stream. The middle setting also doesn't have much power. It is a combination of the other two settings (Jet stream & regular stream combined). The third setting is a jet stream and has the most power. This stream is thicker and tends to be my preferred setting.

  • Taste / Aroma:

    It should taste like water. Although I suppose if you have some funky water...things could get interesting. If your water does not taste like water, I recommend calling a professional, this could be a problem. Either with you, or the water. Please seek help, because frankly, something is wrong! Just kidding, I only put this here because extended templates make you fill out all the blanks. Right, so, moving on...

  • Performance:

    You can't turn off just one head! Sadly, there's no option to use only one of the heads, they both have to work. I personally don't mind this, because I use them both on myself when showering solo. But, if this could be something you're looking for, you may not like this shower head.

  • Packaging:

    The dual shower head comes in a basic clam shell, clear plastic package. It has a picture of a couple getting steamy in the shower. It also states that it is the brand of "sex in the shower," which appears to be a line of shower-themed items. So the package itself isn't discreet. However, the shower head itself is just neat, and the first thought in someone's head isn't going to be, "Oh. That's for sex," when they see it in your shower. Most of my friends have asked where I got it because they want one, too.

    It does not tell you how to install it, but as I mentioned before, it's a screw-on piece. It is, therefore, not difficult to install yourself.

    16 oz
  • Special Features:

    Obviously, the main feature of this shower head is that you can use two different heads, on two different modes, at the same time. When you're alone, you can use both heads on yourself on different settings, which is an interesting combination. I typically use them like that if I am alone. The heads have a full swivel motion and have great range, so it actually swivels better than the original shower head I had. I'll say this is definitely my favorite.

  • Experience:

    I think this shower head will last a while. It performs well and I don't have fantastic water pressure, but it hasn't failed me yet with this head. I get a more luxurious bathing experience and I absolutely adore this shower head. I feel like it is well worth the money and provides a great experience for couples.

  • Other
    Material safety
    Safety features:
    Food-grade material / Hypo-allergenic / Latex free / Phthalates free
    Sex sling and support special features:
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