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Happy Hanukkah lip set

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This is a wonderful little kit that taught my family a whole lot about the Hanukkah Celebration by virtue of our curiosity about the world around us. We found it to be a great kit for gelt giving and just a wonderful kit for pampering the lips! Though the fruit gels have a slight color tint to them the rest of the kit is pretty unisex. Everyone needs a little pampering!


Great packaging, lovely lip care system, amazing smells and tastes.


Might have been a mix up in the labeling of my kit, mint might be a bit too intense for some users.

Best use:

This lovely set of 8 tiny pots of lip adornments can be given as a single gift on a night of Hanukkah or broken up into eight little tokens as is befitting for the tradition of gelt giving.

This kit is an all inclusive treat for the smile that takes you from scrubbing the dead skin away to shining up the new soft skin making the lips kissably soft. The pots are sturdy and and will look really cute on any dressing table.

This kit is great for the younger set as well as us older folk! I bought a separate kit for each of my daughters and took the opportunity to teach them a bit about Chanukah tradition.

This kit is, obviously, best used for the beautification or treatment of dry, rough lips or to keep your lovely kisser in luscious shape.
  • Texture / Consistency / Thickness / Viscosity:

    Each of the eight pots has a bit of a different consistency but in general they are about what you would expect from a heavy wax based lip treatment (think Chapstick in a pot or Carmex) that smells and tastes a whole lot better!

    *The first pot is Cocoa Butter Gloss- this gloss has a firm consistency and is brown tinted. It smells like cocoa butter and tastes very sweet but also very light. The ingredients are mostly coca butter and other natural oils including olive oil which is traditional for the Chanukah holiday. It left my lips feeling moisturized and with continued use it made them feel softer and more hydrated.

    *The second pot is Shiny Lips- this gloss is also firm but is a lovely yellowish-white color. It smells like pina colada to me but I suspect that's just the scent I think of when I smell sweet coconut. It is also composed of natural oils and leaves the lips smelling and tasting amazing. The gloss is sheer and makes a great cover for lipstick.

    *The third pot is Brown Sugar Scrub- this is a treatment to help exfoliate the lips removing the dead skin to leave behind soft lips. It has a creamy/grainy texture that scrubs the skin gently without irritating the sensitive tissues. It has a vague brown sugar smell with overtones of almond and coconut oils. Rub in small circles over the lips and then rinse away, it's very simple to use! I wouldn't recommend eating the scrub, it doesn't have a particularly pleasant taste, in bulk, but the traces left on your lips will be sweet.

    *The fourth pot is Breath Mint Lip Gloss- this one smells exactly like a breath mint and tastes like the very sweet first taste of the breath mint, I liken it to a starlight mint. This gloss is shiny and light and gives an intense cooling sensation because of the heavy mint oil base that might be a slight bit irritating for some users. Using this over the cocoa butter lip balm curbs the intensity of the mint oil.

    *The fifth pot is Night and Day Lip Conditioner- this is an aloe infused heavier moisturizer for the lips. It smells of deep, rich chocolate though the conditioner is a pale yellow. It is meant to be used at night to deeply condition the lips or in the morning under lipstick to give a smoother look to the lips. It feels light and has a very pronounced fragrance that might be a bit much for some users, though my guys' sensitive noses weren't bothered by it.

    *The sixth pot is Sweet Kisses- this gloss is fruity and softer than the other pots. It left my lips feeling soft, smooth and very glossy. It has a picture of chocolate covered donuts on the label but is actually a red, soft gel reminiscent of other drug store glosses I have used in the past. It doesn't smell cheap and definitely tastes fruity but it wasn't our favorite. On the other hand it was the one gloss that I actually felt was soothing for dry lips.

    *The seventh pot is Matte Lips- this is a deep pink gel that is supposed to be matte on the lips but was highly glossy on my lips. Though it isn't matte it is VERY hydrating. My lips were quite dry but not chapped when I tried this gloss out and they sort of sucked up the moisture so that I had to reapply that first night often. The following days, however, the reapplication got less and less. It smells and tastes very light and fruity. It is a very soft gel not at all the consistency of the other pots. It leaves a very sheer hint of color on the lips.

    *The eighth pot is Vanilla Mint Lip Balm- this is Sigel's favorite flavor in the kit! It is sweet, cool and refreshing as well as intensely moisturizing. It has a vague smell like toothpaste but it's sweeter and lighter to my nose. It is extremely long lasting, resisting being licked off easily. The added benefit is as you lick your lips it increases the shine of the gloss. So very good! The consistency in the pot is heavy and firm but it goes on easily and lightly. It is the most lovely intense shade of blue.

  • Taste / Aroma:

    Each of the pots tastes amazing but the mint ones are especially pungent and tasty. The fruit blends have heavy orange notes and the conditioners are more tropical smelling/tasting. The soothing lip balm tastes like gorgeous, rich cocoa though I will admit it smells much better than it actually tastes, at least to me.

    The Shiny Lips smells and tastes like a pina colada drink to me but when layered over the Cocoa Butter it takes on an almost perfect representation of an Almond joy candy bar...totally yummy!

    All of the scents are very strong and the tastes are equally strong as well as long lasting.

  • Performance:

    Each of these products seems to work better the more you use them. The moisturizers don't need to be reapplied as often as they have a much more heavy base to them but the glosses do seem to need to be reapplied often until lips reach their natural healthy peak of moisture. After the lips have reached saturation the glosses stay fresh and lovely for hours. Often the next day, after wearing the glosses the night before, I will lick my lips and find traces of sweetness. Personally, I love that about this set. My guys say my lips are softer and taste amazing.

    I highly doubt anyone would have allergy concerns with this set but some of the mint glosses are pretty intense. Layered over a colored base they are less intense.

    These aren't the type of gloss that will 'seal' so if you have longish hair you might find strands getting caught in the gloss which is a bit of a bummer, but I've found that if you use a touch less the effects aren't so bad.

    I love the products in the kit and how well they work together, though some of the scents are a bit strong at first. I have found that applying the glosses with a lip brush works well though a finger tip is just as effective if not a touch more messy.

    The set includes:
    • Cocoa butter lip balm
    • super shiny lips
    • lip conditioning treatmeant
    • vanilla mint lip balm
    • breath mint lip balm
    • sweet kisses
    • matte lip gloss
    • and brown sugar lip scrub
  • Packaging:

    Each of the pots is heavy duty opaque white plastic with a black plastic lid. They are all recyclable and have bright labels on the lids.

    The ingredients are clearly listed on the paper insert that comes with the kit. Each pot is described along beside a picture of the pot in question. The entire kit comes packages in a zipper type plastic bag that is perfect for storing the kit inside. It works great for traveling as well! The kit is small and can easily fit inside a purse or overnight bag. This is possibly the most discreet product I have tested and reviewed for EdenFantasys, so much so I gifted my daughters with a kit each!

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  • Special Features:

    This is a set meant to be gifted during the Chanukah festival of light but it's perfect for just about any occasion as the pots aren't completely holiday themed. There are elements of the celebration on the labels but they are mild and whimsical.

    The mint balms are cooling with varying degrees of intensity and the fruit balms are soothing and very sweet. There's a bit of everything in this kit and it's sure to please.

  • Personal comments:

    As a Pagan who was raised Catholic I realized I knew very little about the Chanukah Holiday....for instance is it Hanukkah or Chanukah? After a tiny bit of research I learned that the word Chanukah comes from the word "Khanu" or "Chanu" meaning 'and they rested' and the hebrew date Kaf Hey that equals 25. In Hebrew the letter chet (roughly translated to ch) is guttural and most closely resembles a hard H in English. So both words mean the same and are acceptable.

    Hanukkah is the story of how the Jews defeated the Syrian-Greeks in 165 BCE and drove them out of the sacred temple in Jerusalem. There was only enough oil left to keep the Temple menorah lit for 1 day but instead the menorah stayed lit for 8 days allowing the temple keeper to make more oil in the sacred manner so the menorah stayed lit. This is why Hanukkah is an eight day long celebration that begins on the 25th day of the month of Kislev which is roughly November-December of the Gregorian calendar.

    The tradition of gift giving is a fairly new concept that evolved out of the gelt giving tradition of the Jews. It is tradition that a question is asked of the children about the Hanukkah lore and a small gift is given as a token reward. Spinning the dreidel and giving small chocolate coins are also traditional.

    Fried foods are often eaten to commemorate the miracle of the oil and olive oil is the traditional oil used for the frying.

    This kit allowed me to share with my kids the diversity of beliefs this world has to offer and it became something more than just a review item to try and write about.

  • Experience:

    I am wondering if the Matte Lips and the Sweet Kisses glosses got switched when they put the labels on as they are seemingly opposite to the description on the enclosed card.

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