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Bedroom Games Book by Three Rivers Press
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The lights are low. Your favorite sultry tunes are playing quietly in the background. The phone is off the hook. A scented candle is burning. Your man sits in the center of the room, eagerly awaiting the surprise you've been planning for weeks. Slowly, you make your entrance, dressed in a little black number you bought on the sly. As his jaw drops you slink toward him, moving to the rhythm of the music. You have got his attention now, and the night has only just begun.

The art of striptease involves more than a revealing costume, stiletto heels, and a red feather boa. To successfully release your inner stripper, ladies, you've got to have the moves (of course!), but most important you have to exude self-confidence. With two decades of on-the-job experience, former exotic dancer Mary Taylor offers a wealth of advice for women on how to cast aside their insecurities and inhibitions. Full of tips on choosing the right time, setting, music, lighting, costume, and persona, and step-by-step instructions on basic and more advanced striptease moves, Bedroom Games is your key to turning your (and his!) most secret sexual fantasies into reality and giving the man in your life a night he won't soon forget!

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    Mary Taylor
    Three Rivers Press
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    2003 year
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    • nice
    • This looks fun!
    • I loved this book!! It was a witty, fun and quick read with lots of ideas that made me feel like dancing for my partner was no big deal and something I could do without fear or embarrassment. If dancing for your partner is something you've always wanted to do, yet don't have the courage I suggest you grab this book and give it a read.
    • now that i hear its not gotas mand that arent any ideas as hoped and the ones that it does have are some that could be easily thought of makes me not want this anymore
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