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Black Ice playing cards

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Evolved Novelties Black Ice playing cards are a sexy and fun twist to your typical deck of cards. Each card has a different woman on it in a sexy pose meant to accentuate her backside. The cards are well made and should last quite a while.


Good quality playing cards. Each card has a different woman on it.



Best use:

  • Purpose / Audience:

    Black Ice playing cards by Evolved Novelties are a not so typical deck of regular playing cards. They come in a typical card box, with the typical 54 cards, two of them being the jokers. But each card has a picture of a naked or scantily clad black woman on it.

    For the most part they are geared toward men, and would probably spice up any man's poker night. They could also be used by couples to help set the mood for a hot night.

  • Rules / Content:

    Of course since these are regular playing cards, other than the pictures, they can be used to play all sorts of games that you already know. They can be used for everything from Crazy Eights to Strip Poker.

  • Design:

    As I already stated the cards came in a typical card box. Though there are pictures of the women all over that box. The cards themselves have a black and white design on the backs with the words "Black Ice" on them and in smaller print "Blackicedvd.com", which I did check out. It is a website that sells dvds of, what I'm assuming are, some of the women on the cards.

    The faces of the cards each has a different woman on it. Most of them are scantily dressed in a little lingerie, a few are completely naked, and almost all of the women are in poses to accentuate their backsides.

    The cards are very well made. They have your typical card coating and are very easy to shuffle and deal.

    3 oz
  • Experience:

    When these cards were offered to me for review, I asked hubby if he would like them. And obviously since I did get them, he said yes. We've played with them a few times already and they work well and are holding up nicely. I haven't seen any signs of edge wear and so far they're still nice and stiff for shuffling. I personally have no opinion on the cards as far as the pictures go, women are just not my thing, but hubby really liked them and said he would recommend them.

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