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For the Bree Olsen fans out there, this CD is for you. You get over an hour of Bree at her best; that's sixteen tracks of dirty talk all just for you. Play it anywhere you listen to music or upload it to your phone, computer, iPod etc. This CD has all the sounds of real sex without the guy's voice. Yup, it's all Bree, just for you. Blow jobs, anal and PIV are all included, so there should be something for everyone.

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  • Content / Genre / Audience

    Record studio:
    Zero Tolerance
    Running time:
    70 mins.
    Perfomance style:
    Erotic story
    ToyTimeTim's opinion
    Talk Dirty To Me with Bree Olson is geared toward the guys, but that does not mean the girls won't like it. You get an hour plus (71 minutes) of Bree talking dirty, recorded while the action is happening. Yes, this is not just Bree in a recording studio - you can hear the sounds of sex throughout the CD: skin slapping, gagging from oral, slurpy type sounds and all. Listen while you are masturbating, during sex with your SO to simulate a threesome, or while driving. Anyway you like it, Bree is there for you.

    At times Bree has somewhat of a "Barbie" type of voice, so some folks may not care for this CD. But it is not all "baby" talk: she gets downright nasty at times, and it evens out the CD nicely. One thing for sure, she enjoys her work and gives her all.

    Since you can download this CD you can take it anywhere. How about a ring tone that says "Fuck my ass" or "Ya, I like your big cock"? OK, maybe not the most appropriate but you get the idea, eh?
  • Performance / Quality

    ToyTimeTim's opinion
    Performance wise, Bree gives her best on this CD. Since it was recorded during real sex scenes, Bree does not hold back. You can almost "see" the action and certainly you can hear it. She asks for it different ways so you know what position she is in most of the time.

    Sound quality is pretty good, but there are times when there is a definite echo in the room; you can tell that Bree and her partner are in an empty room. This is a double edged sword: on the one hand the echo can be distracting, but you get to hear the joyful sounds of sex, too. I say the good out weighs the bad.
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    ToyTimeTim's opinion
    You can see the packaging here on the product page. While not discreet by any means, Bree is at least covered up. Still, anyone that knows how to read will immediately know what the CD is. Inside the box, your CD is in a standard paper envelope with a clear window. You can always toss the box and put your CD in backwards if needed.
  • Experience

    ToyTimeTim's opinion
    When I first saw this CD, I was a bit uncertain about a CD with just talk. I am a visual type of guy, and the thought of just hearing the sounds of sex seemed weird. On the other hand, the wife is not really into dirty talk, so the thought of getting some personal dirty talk during my solo time was intriguing. In the end I am glad I accepted it. Just goes to show you, you never know what you may like until you try.

    My only problem with the CD and Bree's voice is that all I can visualize is Daphne from the Scooby Doo XXX parody. I guess that video left an impression on me (still on of my favorite parodies).
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