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Are you a Sasha Grey fan? Have you always wanted to 'do her'? Well, here is your chance to be in on the action. Sasha takes you into her audio sexual escapades for an hour, and even invites you to cum! Grab some lube and a masturbator sleeve, and get involved. Let your fantasies run wild: after all....it IS Sasha Grey!

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Catalog ID: ZETD4488

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  • Content / Genre / Audience

    Record studio:
    Zero Tolerance
    Running time:
    70 mins.
    Perfomance style:
    Erotic story
    js250's opinion
    Use this with your Sasha Grey masturbator and listen to her sexual antics while you stroke your way to the top. Listen with reined in ecstasy while Sasha performs oral, gets anal satisfaction, and gets pounded hard during penetration. For one hour, it is you and she, together, with all the glorious sounds of hardcore sex.

    Upload this to your mp3, smartphone, or computer. Listen to it in your cd player, or make your long drive home a little faster...and surprise your partner with your "got to have you" lust when you walk in the door. However you decide to enjoy the hottest woman in porn, well, that is up to you and your imagination.
  • Performance / Quality

    js250's opinion
    If you are one of the few who turns the volume down on your porn, well - this might not be the cd of your choice.

    However, for those of us who like to listen to our porn, and the louder the better, this is an amazing accessory to fulfilling orgasms. Let her tell you to cum, pound her harder, deeper, more...go faster or slower; listen to the sounds of raw, unadulterated sex, all in Sasha's hot, sexy voice.

    The cd is good quality, has clear sounds, and there are minimal background noises. The vocals are believable, and Sasha sounds like she is in the room with you having sex and wanting your participation. This is a must have for the Sasha Grey fans, and accompanies her personal line of masturbators perfectly. So, close your eyes, turn up the volume, and.....enjoy.
  • Design / Packaging / Features

    Number of Discs:
    js250's opinion
    This cd has it all: doggystyle, oral, anal, reverse cowgirl, and any other way you would want Sasha Grey. This is easily broken down into sections for your personal pleasure. You have a full hour of sexual soundtrack and good, high quality audio. So grab your lube, get comfortable and start fantasizing.
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    Customer comments

    • Looks hot! :)
    • anonymous
      The only cool thing about this CD was Sasha Grey's voice. Of course right! The recording was seemed super low budget. Very dry to listen to but that's okay because I am going to mix & re dub w/ some beats, echoing her voice. It's going to be sexy hypnotic. It's part of a V Day mix for my hubby. It's what I expected from reading the reviews. <3
    • Not for us
    • No thanks.
    • interesting...
    • great video review!
    • Given how over-the-top Ms. Grey's vocalizations are in her scenes, I might wait for somebody different.
    • I didn't know she'd done anything like this.
    • Teo
      Hmmm...anyone know if this is nothing new but simply the audio rip from "total interactive control of sasha" (in synthesis "total interactive control of sasha" without video)?
    • Elnoa lol that would be a site to see
    more reviews (16)
    • interesting.
    • This sounds really interesting!
    • Interesting. Impatient to read reviews!
    • A review is coming up late next week after I get this and play with it a bit!!
    • They need to make a version of MEN talking dirty..
    • This looks cool
    • hehehehe ;)
    • I wish I could hear a snippet, like 5 seconds or something to know what it's like
    • Hah. Interesting indeed.
    • Hm. Not something I would use, but I'm interested to see a review for it.
    • nice
    • Okay...this sounds awesome.
    • A friend of mine is friends with sasha grey...she would love this!
    • Would be good to put on in your car to see the reactions of other drivers.
    • I could see myself enjoying this, actually.
    • Interesting item.
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