The Position Of The Day Playbook: Sex Every Day In Every Way is presented by Chronicle Books (publisher) and EdenFantasys

Position Of The Day Playbook: Sex Every Day In Every Way Book by Chronicle Books
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Try this at home, and this time, keep a record. From the creators of "Position of The Day" comes a titillating new playbook that illustrates 365 mind-(and body-) bending sexual positions, one for each day of the year. Find out the answers to questions like these: Just how many calories does a woman expend in "The Tootsie Roll"? Does any positions work better with equipment, say a six-pack and a helmet? Are there any possible hazards (leg cramp, lawsuit)?

Remember, a position a day keeps the love doctor away. This delightful follow-up to the first "Position of The Day Book" is the result of the wonderful folks at being swarmed with readers questions like the ones listed above. So they kindly obliged and packed this book full of helpful information, like roughly how many calories you'll burn with each position (for both men and women), any hazards that might come up, and any equipment you may need.

They also have a little check list for a personalized rating system, so you can track which positions work the best for you and which ones you enjoyed the most. At the bottom of each page is a space that allows you to write your notes and comments about each position. This way you'll easily recall how much fun you had trying out each of these naughty and delightful positions.

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