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Tantric Sex for Women Book by Entrenue
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Dating back over 3000 years ago to the Zami cults of India, tantra is believed to harness the power of sexuality for pleasurable results that transcend mere physical reality while offering superb health benefits to its users. In "Tantric Sex for Women," author Christa Schulte introduces women to Tara-Tantra, a female-centered approach to tantric sex that she has developed and taught over the years. As a guide for all women – lesbian, bi, hetero and even solo – this book provides over 50 sensual and sexual exercises to enhance your loving and offers a myriad of tips for the "small ecstasies of everyday life." As the first book devoted entirely to tantra for women," Schulte encourages women to explore their sexuality in an open, playful, and personal way, using an empowering approach to explain how they can increase pleasure and add delight to every sexual encounter. Some of the major topics include the essence of tantra and its meaning for women in the 21st century, the energy centers and women's erogenous zones, the healing power of sexual energy, Tantric and Cherokee lore on the variety of women's orgasms, and more. With a creative mix of solo exercises, love games for couples, rituals, medications and massage techniques, this book is both uplifting and profound while being thrilling and naughty. Men who read this book can also benefit by gaining personal insight into women's sexuality, giving them the power to be more attentive and sensitive lovers.

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