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Tantric Sex for Women review

Save your time and money and get a different book or DVD on tantra, even if it is geared toward male/female hetero couples and partnerships, and adapt as necessary. It'll have better, more realistic, and actually possible advice.
A book on tantra aimed specifically for queer women.
Not well-written, unfortunately it is too silly to take seriously.
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I really wanted to like this book. A tantra book|Tantric Sex for Women aimed toward women, specifically queer women? Great!

I do have a bit of background in some tantric practices, and I've been eager to learn more. But ultimately, I couldn't stand all the flowery language of this book specifically, which made it impossible to take the exercises seriously.

I know, I know - some tantra literature does this - refers to the girl parts as roses or flowers or sacred vessels or whatnot, but sometimes it's possible to do this in ways that are not actually ridiculous. This book, sadly, did not succeed at that.

Three-quarters of the book - nearly 200 of the 265 pages - are full of these exercises, "games" to attempt with a partner or solo. Seems like a great idea, yeah? But then I started reading through them: many of them are very time consuming and elaborate, though that's not an automatic veto - it was the step-by-step instructions I would never attempt to get a partner to explore with me. It'd be silly and embarrassing to explain how her yoni was a rosette and I was to massage her petals. Ugh! No way we could get through it with a straight - haha - face.

The parts that were not the exercises were actually a little bit interesting. There was a part in the beginning about the different types of orgasms|Reviews: The Multi-Orgasmic Woman, and I was curious enough to Google that concept and play around for a few hours on the internet (ahem, "researching"). But though this book gave me some ideas about what I might want to learn more about, I didn't actually learn anything useful from this book itself.

There have got to be better tantra resources out there. Skip this one, and find one that actually has practical, realistic, and relevant information, with exercises and ideas that don't make me cringe.
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  • Contributor: Cock Wrangler
    Hm. I get a similar impression whenever I browse tantra books. That said, I hear Urban Tantra is excellent.
  • Contributor: Essin' Em
    CW - I've heard the same about Urban Tantra. I think I need to check it out.

    Sinclair: But don't you want to place your lotus blossom hand into her flowery petals of womanhood?

    Tantra kind of makes me feel like I'm back to reading romance novels in high school.  Sorry it didn't please :( 
  • Contributor: Dame Demi
    I'm laughing so hard I can't really find much useful to comment about this book!  Still, though, it's nice to see a tantric book aimed specifically at queer couples!
  • Contributor: Meridith
    Agreed.  I have the book and thought the exercises would be great, even if a bit new-aged.  We did find one we really liked, something about pressing/rolling your partner flat.  Essentially one lays on her stomach while the other steamrolls her.  D. loved it but we haven't gotten much other gratification from the book.  I'd love to try a tantra book the was non-yoni, rosepetal, sacred urn of necter, etc.
  • Contributor: The Prince's pet
    You have to remember that Tantra is a religious doctrine and Yonic symbolism is at its heart. If it didn't use those metaphors, I'd suspect the author was a poseur and not a serious worshipper of Sakti.
  • Contributor: jankit
    Detailed and humorous review! Ha ha oh no, flowery language... but I guess if you're hardcore into Sakti like The Prince's Pet said, it would be fine. I personally would die of laughter and embarrassment while preforming any of these exercises with my partner if that is how they are all described. Thanks for the review!
  • Contributor: mikebooks
    Thanks for the review!
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