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The Whole Lesbian Sex Book Book by Cleis Press Inc.
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Revised and updated, the "most comprehensive lesbian sex guide ever published" is back with a variety of new topics and information, including an extensively detailed resource section and bibliography with hundreds of magazines, websites, organizations, and more. Felice Newman, publisher at Cleis press since 1980, has edited a slew of other sex books, but nothing comes close to the amount of research amassed for this edition. Drawing on a wide range of published sources, (and her own distributed questionnaire) Newman has compiled an "exhaustively thorough how-to guide" for exotic as well as simple sexual practices. Covering oral, manual, anal, and vaginal techniques, she further elaborates on breast play, transgender and bisexual orientation, SM, group sex, and even sex toys, the whole time repeatedly addressing the need for safety. Also acknowledging that some women prefer monogamy, and some polygamy, she offers a primer in sexual politics and lesbian manners (including a brief section on celibacy). With an assuring and friendly tone Newman discusses matters of anatomy and sexuality, without being authoritarian or overbearing. "Rich and inclusive," her work "updates and embodies the best of the half-dozen other lesbian sex manuals in print," and although this book is aimed at lesbians, it's "extremely suitable for heterosexual women and men" to learn from and enjoy.

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