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Wicked Quickies 52 Ways to Get it Anytime, Anywhere Book by Sourcebooks
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If you and your partner feel like you are too busy to fit all the sexual adventure into your lives that you'd like, this book might be your answer. It includes 52 ideas for quick, hot sex, no matter where you might be. Having no time is no longer a viable excuse when you can get it on at the office, in the park or even at the carwash!

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    Audacia Ray
    LicentiouslyYours's opinion
    Audacia Ray is a sexual rights activist currently working for the International Women's Health Coalition. She's an adjunct professor of Human Sexuality at Rutgers University and the co-host of the monthly reading series Sex Worker Literati in New York.

    She is a former sex worker, former executive editor for $pread magazine and a co-founder of advocacy organization Sex Work Awareness.

    She's also written Naked on the Internet: Hookups, Downloads, and Cashing In on Internet Sexploration and edits the sex worker awareness blog Sex Work 101. She also blogs about sexual culture at
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    2009 year
    LicentiouslyYours's opinion
    The style for Wicked Quickies is fun and casual with a wide range of ideas designed to appeal to the tame and the wild alike. Each idea is given a "Risque Rating" that lets you know right away just how safe or how dangerous a particular idea might be. Many topics are enhanced with special tips or comments from people who have actually tried out the idea.

    For example, #8 The Back Alley Shag suggests you have a key-chain flashlight to assist your search for undesirable additions to the experience like rotting garbage or broken glass.

    The illustrations all include male/female couples however most, if not all, ideas can be used by anybody regardless of sexual identity or gender of those participating.
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    LicentiouslyYours's opinion
    Each entry of this pocket-sized paperback book is limited to a page, with a corresponding cartoon-like illustration. The illustrations are quite obviously sexual, but not explicit, showing positions and hand groping but no genitals or nipples. The cover clearly illustrates the topic so that no adult will miss the message, but it's not so explicit that small children will "get it".
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