Down and Dirty – super short and super sexy stories

Down and Dirty book Book by Pretty Things Press
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"Discover the dirty little secrets in your libido" with this amazing collection of super sexy and super short stories. Now when we say short, we mean short; each one of these 69 stories is no more than 2,000 words long, quickly getting to the heart of the matter without any extraneous minutiae getting in the way. Written by some of the best authors in the business such as M. Christian, N. T. Morely, Thomas S. Roche, Sage Vivant, and Rache K. Bussel, you'll enjoy these incredibly short stories that run the gamut from "sensational sexual snippets" to "full detailed dramatic depictions." Edited by acclaimed author Alison Tyler, these stories complete the checklist of any X-rated connoisseur by including a myriad of themes and genres such as spanking, tickling, ménage a trois, public sex, bondage, girls with girls, phone sex, sex toys and more, with one consistent factor tying them all together; they're dirtier than dirty.

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    Collection of Stories by Various Authors
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    Pretty Things Press
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    2003 year
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