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Violet Blue is back with another blazing hot set of erotica shorts by women, for women. This commanding collection shows how exciting life can be when a woman takes control of her own pleasure, as in S.J. Frost's "Quarterbacking," an inspiring tale of first-time girl-on-top domination. Foot fetishism and saucy teasing meet in Elizabeth Colvin's "High Heels." B.J. Franklin's portrayal of gripping group sex in "The Hostage" and the delectable exhibitionism in Virgie Tovar's "New York Peep Show" feature women who break all the rules to get off. Filled with surprises, unexpected twists (with nipple clamps and otherwise), and arousing confessionals, Girls on Top confirms that anything is possible when a girl wants, takes, and gets.

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    Violet Blue
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    Cleis Press Inc.
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    2009 year
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    5 1/2"
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    Violet Blue

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    Customer comments

    • I hope that Eden Fantasys brings back this book! It has some great stories to relate to!!
    • Not into foot fetish, but some of this could be good.
    • Kinda nice reading about the woman in control
    • I finally read some of this and I like it. Confident, sexy, outgoing women are the hottest.
    • want it!
    • This sounds like a book that I would really enjoy.
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