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Ever wanted to confess a sexual desire or fantasy to your lover but held back? The couples in these stories do confess, to both their and their partners’ delights. The sex is hot and erotic, and you may find something you’d like to confess to your own partner in the 18 stories contained in this collection.

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    Various Authors
    Sammi's opinion
    Violet Blue edited this collection of fantasy fulfillment. She is a writer, blogger and podcaster with many award winning and best-selling books to her name, including Smart Girl’s Guide to Porn. Violet is considered an expert in the fields of sex and technology and has appeared on CNN, the Oprah Winfrey Show and the Tyra Banks Show. She also writes for MacLife and O: The Oprah Magazine.

    The writers in this collection include Jacqueline Applebee, Rachel Kramer Bussel, Angela Caperton, Heidi Champa, Devyn Christopher, Portia Da Costa, Andrea Dale, Jeremy Edwards, K. D. Grace, Kay Jaybee, Regina Kammer, Alexander Liboiron, Piper Morgan, Sophie Mouette, Liv Olson, Anika Ray, Kayar Silkenvoice, and Alison Tyler.
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    Cleis Press Inc.
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    2011 year
    Sammi's opinion
    Sweet Confessions (Erotic Fantasies for Couples) was published by Cleis Press in 2011. The stories in the book are geared for couples or women.

    The book begins with an introduction by Violet Blue, where she talks about the taking the risk to get what you want and confessing your desire can have quite luscious consequences. She tells a bit about each story in the collection.

    Following the introduction are 18 stories where couples confess and act on their secret desires. At the end are sections About the Authors and About the Editor.

    In these stories, one partner has a secret – be it a fetish or a desire – to confess. Many are hesitant to do so, but they take the risk and reap the sexual rewards. The confessions run the gamut from the tame to the wild, from the vanilla to the extreme, and all of the partners are willing (some reluctantly, some eager) to help their partner fulfill their desire.

    Some of the stories are told in first person, while others are third person. The confessions include women’s panties and underwear, public sex, sex in sacred places, fairy tale roleplay, shaving, peeing, sex with a young lover, meeting as strangers, rough sex, and men taking it in the end at their lover’s request.
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    This book is an oversized paperback with a glossy cover. It has 193 pages set in easy to read type. The book seems well made and the binding appears secure. It should hold up to multiple readings.
  • Experience

    Sammi's opinion
    I found most of the stories in this collection pretty hot, with just a few that didn’t appeal to me. Some of the best stories for me were:

    “Internet Café Au Lay” by Kayar Silkenvoice She was hot and hoping to entice her lover into the beach house for some afternoon sex. He was hungry and wanted to go eat in the town instead. When her public display of more than casual affection causes him a bit of embarrassment in the front of his shorts, she leads him through the restaurant to help him dry them off. Will the public restroom ease her desire, and will anyone know what happened when they come out?

    “Silver Screen” by Portia Da Costa She’s playing a game with Harry. He’s got her to go to a local dirty theater and pretend he’s a stranger groping her while men masturbate to the porn on screen. She never looks at him while they grope and fondle each other in the theater, making each other cum before he leaves. Will she be surprised at what she finds when she heads home to him after?

    “Sacred Places” by Sophie Mouette Kathleen and Ted were touring Wales and the monastery ruins. She cant help but have fantasies about monks and rituals, and Ted is quite intrigued. Will he draw her fantasy out of her and make her lust for whatever takes place amongst the rubble on the altar?
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    Edited by:
    Violet Blue
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