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Expert Guide to Anal Pleasure for Men DVD by Vivid
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Product summary and comments by ScottA


Tristan is back with a DVD targeted at guys interested in exploring anal. This DVD covers the basics of anal play, with a lecture from Tristan, demonstrations from three couples, and 4 featurettes. Tristan tells you why you would want to explore anal play, discusses common concerns, and explores what you need to do to get ready. Then things get specific, with discussion and demonstrations of ways to use fingers and toys to bring pleasure, taking you from first anal touch to pegging.

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    Tristan Taormino
    ScottA's opinion
    While the title is "Tristan Taormino's Expert Guide to Anal Pleasure for Men", the movie is geared to heterosexual couple play. While there's a bit of discussion on using prostate massagers, the bulk of this movie is how to successfully bring buttplay into a M/F relationship. This isn't a bad thing at all, just don't expect to find much information specifically on solo anal play or geared towards gay couples.

    What is in The Expert Guide to Anal Pleasure for Men? Enough to get you started in most forms of anal play. The DVD is divided into 3 sections: A workshop section with Tristan on anal play, three different couples demonstrating anal activities, and a selection of featurettes covering enemas, prostate massagers, safer sex and strap-on harnesses.

    During the workshop section Tristan tells the viewer about anal anatomy, anal pleasure, and how to use fingers, toys, and lubricants to provide the maximum anal pleasure. She also addresses common misconceptions and fears (including concerns about cleanliness and lost erections), and gives tips for relieving anxiety, relaxing, and getting in the best mindset for anal stimulation. She also goes into the dangers of numbing lubes, and what to look for in a good anal lube.

    The demonstrations have an optional voiceover by Tristan providing explanation and commentary on the action. The first demonstration starts out as an extension of the workshop, with Tristan welcoming the couple, discussing how they started with anal activities, fears, and how to best start out. For those with long nails, Tristan demonstrates the cotton ball and glove trick for making them safe. Then it's off to the races, with the three couples showing us their anal encounters, with various means of stimulation.

    As the the harness wearing girl on the front may indicate, pegging is a large part of this film. While Tristan doesn't devote much time to pegging during the workshop, tips and methods are scattered through the demonstrations, and one of the featurettes is a good demonstration of the various harnesses, how they should fit, and how to put them on. The film is about more than pegging, though, and covers finger stimulation, prostate massagers, analingus and hand-held toys as well.

    The other featurettes are on anal-related topics, safer sex, enemas, and a demonstration of how to use prostate massagers, covering the Nexus, Aneros and Rude Boy.
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    ScottA's opinion
    Sex educator Tristan Taormino has done many things. She has written many sex guides, produced several instructional films, runs the Pucker Up website, and has designed several sex toys, including the Tristan butt plug. She's best known as the "Queen of Anal," though, having written the Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Women, a book that (title notwithstanding) is applicable to either gender. It was my first book on anal sex, and still occupies a prominent spot in my sex library. With the Expert Guide to Anal Pleasure for Men, Tristan has released a movie that directly addresses male anal stimulation and pleasure.
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    Web site access / Behind the Scenes / Bonus Scenes / Chapter Selections / Interactive Menus / Previews / Widescreen 16:9
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    ScottA's opinion
    The information contained in the Expert Guide to Anal Pleasure for Men is good - Tristan definitely knows her stuff. While watching it I did think that the workshop section would have benefited from more visual aids, and I felt that the organization of the demonstrations by couple made it a little difficult to search for various techniques and compare them. Pegging postions, for instance, were spread out over two different couples' demonstrations rather than being in one section.

    I liked the fact that this DVD makes a point of identifying the toys that are used - it makes it easy to track down one that you like. Tristan also made a point of only using safe toys that can be sanitized.
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    • what would not be to love about this experience.
    • Hmm, indeed...
    • hm
    • this movie opened up a whole new world for my wife and i
    • Oh the possibilities....
    • Interesting.
    • I AM SO GETTING THIS. And then wrapping it for my husband for his birthday.
    • want!
    • This is the best video for... well for men and women. First, Tristan is the reigning monarch for all things anal. Anything she says, it is certain to be well researched and well worded. In this video, she provides similar instruction as other of her anal products. What really sets this apart from other 'instructional' videos is how she is frank and forthright with her discussion. If she says it, you can count on its veracity. In this video, and what sets it apart from others, she has very sexy and eager participants demonstrating a variety of options. I admit, the final encounter with Christian and Jandi Lin is so steamy that I was breathless and wanting more and more and more. I've seen Annie Cruz in other videos and she didn't disappoint here. So, what made this so good? Well, I can say it in a word -- complete, informative, erotic, demonstrative, mind-expanding, encouraging and fantastic. I don't know how a person can possess this level of knowledge, but I'm glad Tristan does. She can't be topped.
    • Hmm...
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    • Loved the second scene! If I got off to straight porn despite my fetish then it must be awesome.
    • donk
      hmmmm. sounds useful
    • Helpful AND sexy-adorable. <3
    • this product seems very helpful
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