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Hot for Teacher

An informative and sexy DVD about anal pleasure for straight men. Perfect for any half of a heterosexual pairing, or for watching together. Very inspirational, and even changed my partner's mind about wanting anal pleasure. The educational sections are the highlight in the feature, but the sex scenes are hot too, although the sound is low quality. I recommend this DVD for men who are interested in exploring their own anal pleasure, and for women interested in giving it to their male partners.
Informative, sexy, and honest.
Poor sound, heteronormative.
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Content / Genre / Audience

Tristan Taormino teaches "sex ed for a new generation" in Vivid Ed's Expert Guide to Anal Pleasure for Men. And this time, she's teaching her personal favorite--anal sex. This DVD is specifically targeted towards heterosexual couples, for all of the scenes involve women stimulating men. It is perfect for people who don't know much about anal sex, because everything I've ever read about the topic is discussed in this truly informative film. And, as someone rather well-read on the subject of anal sex, I found it extremely edifying to see that information in action. For instance, there is a demonstration of a technique I read about in which a woman protects her manicure and her partner's anus by putting cotton balls in a glove before fingering him. I thought this was clever, but couldn't possibly look sexy and thus basically dismissed it. However, when I saw Penny Flame demonstrate, it looked pretty normal (no weird lumps at the end of her fingers).

The video starts out with a relatively short, concise lecture by the lovely Tristan Taormino, anal sex goddess. She talks about why men seek anal pleasure and dispels some myths about the subject, such as "anal sex makes you gay" etc. She moves on to talk about lube, toys, and safer sex. Then she interviews Penny Flame and her partner, and then instructs them while they warm up his ass. She leaves, and they move on to a pegging scene that showed a fabulous diversity of positions. There are two more scenes with very well-matched people, using a variety of toys--plugs, beads, dildos, and strap-ons--and little instructional tidbits. Bonuses on the DVD are a general safer-sex rundown, a guide to strap-ons, a guide to solo prostate stimulation, and a guide to enemas. Each of these are about five minutes long.

If you are a gay male, this DVD is probably not worth buying, because much time is devoted to strap-on sex (pegging). However, if you have a chance to take a peek, there is some good information about prostate stimulation, and demos of how to use some great sex toys, like the Aneros. And this might seems strange, but if you're a lesbian, this DVD could be really useful, if you're not alienated by the whole guy-on-girl thing. Hear me out: basically all the information is relevant to stimulating a girl's ass. The Expert Guide to Anal Pleasure for woman doesn't have any strap-on information, and has almost all guy-on-girl anyway. In conclusion, these DVDs are a bit heteronormative, but if you're queer and can forgive that, you can glean some great information.

I give this DVD four out of five stars, because it was fun, informative, and easy to watch. The sound quality was pretty low, however, and I can't pretend the scenes were that exceptional. Further, I was a little put off by the heteronormativity of the guide to anal pleasure for men excluding gay sex. Come on Vivid Ed, you know better. But overall, this is a quality product if you fit in to the viewer base, and I heartily recommend it.


The actors in this movie, in order of appearance, are: Tristan Taormino, Penny Flame, Devin, Annie Cruz, Nomad, Jandi Lin, and Christian XXX. Tristan Taormino does not perform in a scene, but she does look amazingly hot while telling you all you ever need to know about anal pleasure for men. Penny Flame is cute, smiley and giggly in her scene with Devin. Devin is sweet, though a little subdued, and embodies the submissive to Penny's pleasure topping. Annie Cruz and Nomad have some great chemistry, and their scene is pretty spicy. Jandi has the most amazing back tattoo of any pornstar I've seen (with the exception of Syd Blackovich), and seems thrilled to fuck Christian, who is a burly top. All the stars are sexy and seem enthusiastic and well-informed in the art of male anal pleasure. They are inspiring to watch, although the scenes are not close to the best of what I have seen.

In the extra features, such stars as Evan Stone and Adrianna help teach about safer sex and enemas. For a porn enthusiast like me, their little cameos were fun.

DVD Features

This DVD has a wonderful menu that is full of choices. First, you can play the feature all the way through (the only choice on a lot of porn menus). Then, you can watch it in parts: the anal workshop and all three scenes, with or without instruction. Then, each of the options breaks down into a little scene selection, so you don't have to search around with fast forward and rewind. In addition, there are four special features: Safer Sex, How to Choose & Wear a Strap-On, Solo Prostate Stimulation, and Anal Hygiene and Enemas. Each of these featurettes are extremely informative and tell you all you need to know about the topic of anal sex for men. If this DVD doesn't satisfy you, well, you might have to talk to Tristan herself. Also, there are little promotional features; trailers, Vivid Products, and

Personal comments

I really enjoyed watching all the lovely toys in action. I think I might have a strap-on fetish, because all those girls looked awesome in them. Very sexy and inspirational. Plus, I learned about some really cool prostate toys that stimulate the prostate and the perineum (with a little rolling ball!) and work without hands. How cool is that? I, as I bet a bunch of you are, am a sex toy enthusiast, and this movie was heaven in that respect.


My partner and I watched this movie together, and it was a great experience. Firstly, it totally turned him around on the issue of anal sex, and before, he wouldn't budge an inch! I wanted to explore anal sex with him, expand our sexual repertoire, open up new avenues of pleasure, and, admittedly, the idea of wearing a cock is huge turn on. But my partner just wasn't comfortable with it. By the end of the educational section, he completely changed his mind. Maybe it was Tristan's lovely speech about how anal sex doesn't make you gay or submissive, or just having accurate, honest information, but it worked like a charm. With the help of this DVD, we are now starting to explore his anal pleasure!

Secondly, we had sex a couple times while watching the scenes. They're hot, well shot, and all the actors are pretty sexy. If you have such a thing in mind, you better watch the scenes without Tristan's instructions, because I think those could be a mood-killer, especially if you don't have a stellar sense of humor.
Follow-up commentary
This video was very important for me and my partner in beginning to explore pegging. The knowledge I gained through this video has stayed with me, and the sexy depictions of anal sex helped warm my partner to the idea. If you're curious about anal sex and want to do some research, this DVD is a great resource.
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