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The Art of Female Self Pleasuring DVD by New World Sex Education
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New World Sex Education is proud to present the featuring Jaiya's teachings that lead a beginner as well as experienced women through a transformational ritual of Tantric Female Self Pleasuring.

In this 2 disc DVD set you will experience a unique and magical journey deep into the world of women loving themselves through the practice of ancient sacred sexual arts. This video is for women who want to take their pleasure to new peaks. And also for men who can learn how to be better lovers by witnessing how women find pleasure. Jaiya, an expert in sexual wellness, will guide you through Tantric Ritual, Self Massage, Orgasmic Breathing, Erotic Trance States and Deep Orgasm. Beautifully shot in HD with artistry and elegance, the women on this video are captured in all their glory.

In this Video you will learn: Full Body Sensual Awakening, Full Body Self Erotic Massage , Orgasmic Breathing/Erotic Trance States , Tantric Ritual for Self Pleasure, Secrets to Female Sexuality Extra Features, Kundalini Ritual, Dance for Pleasure and Excellent Teachings By Jaiya.

Topics Explored Include: Overcoming Sexual Shame, Female Ejaculation, The G-Spot, Sexual Healing, Self Pleasuring, Sexuality and Spirituality.

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    Shayne Rider
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    Number of Discs:
    120 Minutes
    Not rated
    Release Date:
    November 2, 2009
    Production Year:
    New World Sex Education

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