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"Kick back with this book and the personal lubricant of your choice," suggests guest judge Larry Duplechan. Best Gay Erotica 2012 captures the tension and raw energy of man-on-man desire in this collection of the hottest, freshest and most literary erotic fiction of the year. "The Robin Club," by David Holly, is a comically sweet story of a group of young men who regularly meet for a clubhouse gang bang. In Jace Barton's "Training Tyler," a straight jock learns about power bottoming when he and his gay roommate share more than just the rent and utilities. A penniless but prodigiously gifted young man steps off a Greyhound and finds himself embraced as a hot San Francisco stud in David May's "Commerce: A Not Very Cautionary Tale." Editor Richard Labonté shares his tricks of the trade in this outstanding volume of craftsmanship and cockmanship.

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    2012 year
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    Richard Labont'e
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    • Woman China
      Writer, rank 6.4/10

      For the most part, I would say that this is a book that is worthy of buying if you like gay erotica that is. Sure some of the stories are predictable, but some of them will make you grin and chuckle thinking you'd be just as cheeky as some of the characters. Some of the stories will make you think, a story might make you cringe then sigh with relief (some people can just be mean and take advantage you know!) and hopefully for some people out there, they will turn you on.

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    Customer comments

    • Looks like a good book.
    • the cover and title says it all :) i NEED this book for my bf and i to get the gay sex on :)
    • Sounds good.
    • I think it could be an interesting read.
    • yay this year is out! :D
    • Want.
    • Sexy.
    • Would love to read this. I have nowhere near enough gay erotica books!
    • Yes please.
    • Hehe, pasdechat and Badass, if anyone's a weirdo for liking gay erotica, it's me... because I'm a lesbian. :P
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