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The Lesbian Kama Sutra Book by Thomas Dunne Books
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Although it's over 2,400 years old, the ancient Vedic text of the Kama Sutra resonates to this day, influencing and encouraging countless numbers of men and women to achieve a greater understanding of sexuality and the pleasure it can provide. However, the "Lesbian Kama Sutra" reinterprets this guide to celebrate the "passion and emotion of love between women," applying the "spirit and intention" of the original to the lives of modern day lesbians.

With "clear, empowering text" and a "rich visual tapestry of images," this book honors that bond using frank and open discussions about the lesbian experience, revealing the various ways that women have and achieve intimate relationships with each other. Covering everything from meeting a partner, dating, kissing, seduction and foreplay to a detailed instruction on a repertoire of positions and techniques, the author also offers practical advice on a myriad of relationships issues, emotional wellbeing and sexual health. Information on experimentation, bisexuality, sex toys, and the historical views and visual representations of lesbians in art is also presented throughout the text, accompanied by richly illustrated pages with fine-art paintings and erotic drawings that "capture the female form in all its glory."

Encouraging pleasure and sensuality, and the merits of uninhibited indulgence, this is the "ultimate guide to fulfilling and exciting lesbian love" that will help the modern woman "enhance her lovemaking skills throughout all the stages of life." Whether you're single, in a long-term partnership, or just beginning to explore, the "Lesbian Kama Sutra" can give you the information you need to reach a dynamic and happy love life.

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