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The Lesbian Kama Sutra

Book by Thomas Dunne Books

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The Lesbian Kama Sutra review

It is a book for those wanting to learn more about being a lesbian and how to do lesbian type things. This is not a book for those wanting to see sex positions, and learn more about making sex more fun and interesting.
It is helpful for young lesbians trying to figure out their sexuality.
It isn't much of a Kama Sutra type book.
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I received The Lesbian Kama Sutra book|The Lesbian Kama Sutra in high hopes of learning new sex positions. When I received the book, I was very excited, and wanted to learn more about the lesbian sex life.

The book did not meet my expectations at all. Don’t get me wrong; it is a good book. If you want to know more about the lesbian life, then this is the book to give. It isn’t like a regular Kama Sutra book. It doesn’t show you sex positions, and describe them and how they work. It doesn’t show you different touching skills and fondling skills.

It shows maybe one position, and then talks about 2 or 3 more positions you could try. It doesn’t really give you a picture on how to do it. This book is really for sex. It is for an up and coming lesbian to learn what type of lesbian she might want to be. The book shows pictures of different types of lesbians. It also talks about how to start dating female, and what bisexuals and lesbians are. It’s really just a book about the lesbian lifestyle, not really about lesbian sex.

My girlfriend and I were truly disappointed. We got the book in hopes of having a different sex position to try out every night while on spring break, and we were left with nothing but little paragraphs talking about positions, but not showing you anything at all. Therefore, we had to be as spontaneous as possible and figure out many different ways to try and improve our sex life, or make it more ‘kinky.’ We really thought the book would help us out, but the book wasn’t much help in the sex department. It was really disappointing.

I wouldn’t recommend this book to anyone trying to learn more about sex and sex positions. I would recommend this book to people just wondering about lesbians, and how to come out to parents and friends, etc.
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  • Viv
    wow good to know!  from the title you'd really think it would give more positions!
  • Nashville
    Any good Kama Sutra book should offer visual diagrams.
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  • vanillaSpice
    It's really too bad it's not what it sounds like.
  • lezergirl
    I agree it really looks like it would be a positions book
  • Dear Ruby
    I think this book is an example of inappropriate titling. They really should have called it something else!
  • zracer
    Great review
  • SassySam
    thank you
  • Hubby80
  • altheasmarnella
    good to know...I would've expected the same as you did...that's a shame!
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