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An ancient title of respect for women, the word "cunt" long ago veered off this noble path. Inga Muscio traces the road from honor to expletive, giving women the motivation and tools to claim "cunt" as a positive and powerful force in their lives. With humor and candor, she shares her own history as she explores the cultural forces that influence women's relationships with their bodies.

Sending out a call for every woman to be the Cuntlovin' Ruler of Her Sexual Universe, Muscio stands convention on its head by embracing all things cunt-related.

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    Inga Muscio
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    Seal press
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    2002 year
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    5 1/4"

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  • Reviews(12)

    • Becauseiamawoman
      Advanced reviewer, rank 5/10

      A great read for feminists, may bring you around to feminism if you aren't already there. However, it also reads a little bit like a rant, which may turn you off.

    • Badass
      Writer, rank 6.7/10

      This is not the typical book you will find on Eden. This is a beautiful book for women of all ages that can help you come to terms and even come to enjoy the battles we women face, if you will let it. This is a well written book that easily keeps your interest and will promote positive emotions toward yourself and your own cunt. Warning: Will inspire feminism in many women.

    • Ansley
      Writer, rank 6.8/10

      [italic|Cunt] is a must-read for every woman and every man who loves women. The message is clear, precise and at times downright scary. I didn't know I needed to be awakened, but it became clear that I didn't have nearly as much of a handle on things as I thought I did. Love, compassion and wisdom radiated off the pages and latched onto my soul. I feel empowered by her voice.

    • DrNike69
      Advanced reviewer, rank 5.3/10

      Cunt is great book for cuntlovin' women everywhere who are proud of their sex and want to learn ways to support their fellow womankind. Not just for radical feminists, this book tackles the everyday steps to take to protect yourself from cunt haters, and the ways you can support female owned and operated endeavors, while enriching your own life.

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    Customer comments

    • Loved this book.
    • Could be a good read....
    • This sounds very interesting. I would kind of like to read this book and learn more about the message on it.
    • want
    • How do I feel about being judged by a book.... :/
    • There are some parts I'm iffy about, but overall it's a very good book that covers some good feminist issues. Everybody should read it.
    • Sleeping Dreamer
      Sleeping Dreamer
      I read this back in high school after one of my good friends gave it to me. She made sure to leave the pages she loved the most ear marked. After all these years it's left an impression and it wasn't a very good one. While reading this book, it was a rarity to find myself aligned with Muscio's views. In fact, most of the time I was alarmed, especially on topics like herbal abortion, domestic violence, and western medicine. While my friend promised it was a female friendly book that would encourage me to discover myself, all it really did was shut me off from the author and make me angry.
    • Essin' Em
      Essin' Em
      When I read this for the first time back in the beginning of college, I felt radical and super feminist. I wanted to start a revolution. As I've grown up more and learned more about feminism, particularly sex-positive feminism, I have re-read this book, and see many sections being judgemental of women choosing hormonal birth control, medical abortions, tampons, etc. However, I think this book that every woman and every feminist should read at some point in their lives. -Essin' Em,
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