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An Old Word for a New Age

Cunt is a must-read for every woman and every man who loves women. The message is clear, precise and at times downright scary. I didn't know I needed to be awakened, but it became clear that I didn't have nearly as much of a handle on things as I thought I did. Love, compassion and wisdom radiated off the pages and latched onto my soul. I feel empowered by her voice.
Fast Read, Gripping, Honest and Direct
A Couple of TMI Moments
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Cunt A Declaration of Independence by Inga Muscio, published by Seal Press © 2002


Forward by Betty Dodson (xi)
Introduction by Derrick Jensen (xix)
Preface by Inga Muscio (xxiii)

Part I: The Word (1)
The Cuntist Mystique (5)

Part II: The Anatomical Jewel (13)
Blood and Cunts (16)
Reproductive Control for Cunts (42)
Whores (77)
Orgasms from Cunts (94)
Acrimony of Cunts (122)
Rape Not Cunts (140)

Part III: Reconciliation (173)
Aggro Beyond Your Wildest Dreams (177)
Who Remedios Varo Is (197)
Who Mammon Is (215)

The End: Who the Old Woman with Black Eyeballs that Swallow You in Love Is (230)
You in Love Is (230)
Afterword (233)
Cuntlovin' Guide to the Universe (303)
Selected Bibliography and Reading List (357)
Credits (365)
Gracious Thanks (367)
Bios (373)

Part I: The Word Vagina versus Cunt Inga explains that the word vagina means sheath for a sword and promptly declares "ain't got no vagina". Duly noted, Ms. Muscio, duly noted.

Cuntist Mystique: Here, we find out the original meaning of the word and how it was used in reverence of a woman's power, not used to insult her. She discovered through research the word's downfall was a product of the church and notes: "Eradicating a tried and true, stentorian-assed word from a language is like rendering null the Goddess Herself. It's impossible." - p.7

Part II: The Anatomical Jewel: "All cunts belong to all women. The responsibility lies between our legs." - p.15

Blood and Cunts: Inga tells us of the miserable job her public school did in teaching her about her period and tells us about the not so spectacular way she started her period for the first time. This is where we also find out that not a single feminine hygiene company reinvests their profits into women-driven programs. There's not a scholarship, shelter, or support program in sight with their names on it. She speaks of the various products she's tried and encourages getting to know your cycle by moon phase (if you aren't on hormonal birth control). She also rails against the OTC pain-killer industry and the douche/spray/deodorant industry gets a tongue-lashing.

Reproduction for Cunts: She recounts, as delicately as possible, about her first and second clinical abortions and the reasons why she chose that route. For her third abortion, we learn she opts for an herbal tea blend meant to induce miscarriage. She also goes through the various ways of avoiding pregnancy and how they affected her. Never, not one time does she push her choice on the reader. She simply informs.

Whores: Here, Inga gives whores a voice. She tells how the position was once exalted and why she feels the profession should be welcomed with open arms.

Orgasms from Cunts: " one teaches us how to fuck." - p.94 A little less serious, but meant to teach that sex is healthy because it helps us release all of those nasty things we keep bottled up inside. We're also introduced to sex shops run by women for women and she gives sage advice to talk with our women friends about the things we desire to do and do on a regular basis. Not only does it bond the women together, but inspires and feeds our imaginations.

Acrimony of Cunts: Ms. Muscio gets all motherly on us and asks that we stop berating our fellow sisters for the things they do in life that may perpetuate the male-dominated society.

Rape Not Cunts: This chapter is about self-protection against rape. It is also about boycotting Hollywood films that contain rape scenes and making predators pay for their actions by speaking up.

Part III: Reconciliation The Cunt is a Church.

Aggro Beyond Your Wildest Dreams: Here we learn about Inga's womanifesto and how she believes each woman can contribute to the beginning of the end of our patriarchal society.

Who Remedios Varos Is: This chapter tells us about the difference between how male and female artists are recognized by the giants like Modern Museum of Art and other popular galleries. It's truly an eye-opening read and the statistics are startling.

Who Mammon Is: Who doesn't love money? Ms. Muscio suggests women stuck in patriarchal corporations take advantage of the system and use it for their own success---all while keeping it strictly legal, of course.

Who the Old Woman with Black Eyeballs that Swallow You in Love Is: This is a very vivid account of a dream that defines her entire message.

Afterword: Inga updates her original message by including her thoughts on how it applies to the male-to-female trans population.

Cuntlovin' Guide to the Universe: This is an extraordinary list of magazines, books, movies, and websites Inga recommends for support and additional information. There are also many transgender resources included.
When I started reading this, I was really skeptical. I thought I was in for some feminist teeth-gnashing and man-bashing galore. Wrong, very wrong. It's nothing but insight into the world that surrounds us and how we can come out on top, better than ever before. Progressive and demanding all at the same time---it's positivity toward women taking their rightful and necessary position in this world is delightful. She talks of how to be aware of who you are and what you want and how you can contribute to the success of yourself and your fellow sisters.

Her tone is conversational, avoiding proper English like the plague. This is refreshing and unique to the subjects at hand. She does not mince words, peppering her missive with "fuck" and the like. I felt as if she were sitting beside me telling me how she came to be the awesome, powerful woman she is today and encouraging me to do the same. She does not muddle the topics with an overabundance of scientific or medical terms making it an easy read and one that I just couldn't put down. In less than four hours, I was finished with the entire book.

Her message is this: Be yourself, love yourself and demand that others give you the respect and love you deserve. But, she says it such a way that one does not feel guilty or shamed for having let the men of the world determine where her place should be. What more could one ask for?

Okay, okay. You got me---Inga Muscio is just a tiny bit vehement in certain places and she's extremely opinionated, but that's what makes her a prime candidate to be a cuntastic woman! Stated as opinion, she leaves it entirely up to you to decide how you want to apply her message to your life. I highly recommend you give it a whirl.
Follow-up commentary
Cunt has a new home! I shipped this off to a friend of mine so that she could read it and maybe give a review of her own. I still would recommend this to anyone, if nothing more than to broaden the horizon of thought. You don't necessarily have to agree with someone to be enriched by their ideas and opinions.
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  • Silverdrop
    Great review. You made me want to read the book, definitely.
  • Ansley
    Thanks Silverdrop! It is definitely on my list of top five reads. I would even let my teenage daughter (if I had one) read it. I think it's a nice base for deciding how you're going to respond to the world at large.
  • Ansley
    Wow, an extremely useful from JR. *beams and blushes*
  • tooshy
    Detailed review. I don't think this is for me though.
  • Sunshineamine
    Thanks for the review, I am now intrigues and wish to read this book.
  • Lucky21
    Love this book. The author went to my alma matter and was published while I was attending school. Very awesome review.
  • Ansley
    @Lucky, that is so awesome! Have you ever considered going to one of her speaking events?

    @Sunshine, thanks! It's on sale right now!

    @Tooshy, sorry to hear that.
  • Ivy Wilde
    Thanks for the review. However, it doesn't sound like something I would enjoy.
  • kinky girlfriend
    this book sounds nice
  • Owl Identified
    I have this book, and I've always strongly disliked the victim-blaming attitude that it's a woman's responsibility to PREVENT rape. It's the responsibility of would-be rapists NOT TO rape. Smh. This book definitely has moments for me, but other parts just frustrate me. Very good review!
  • Ansley
    @Owl, I am able to completely disregard victim-blaming in most situations. I, too, found some of her attitudes to be a little less than encouraging, but I appreciate her willingness to put it out there for those who feel the way she does about it.

    And thank you!
  • faust
    nice review!
  • AdmNeg
    This is incredibly informative. Thanks for taking the time to write!
  • Love Perpetua
    Awesome review! This seems like a must have!
  • eroticmutt
    Sounds very interesting, I would like to read this book.
  • lokoum
    Your review is awesome and very, very detailed. It would be interesting to read this book as it is written in "conversational" English.
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