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Icicles No. 32

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The Icicles No. 32 is handcrafted perfection. It's just as visually stimulating as it is sexually stimulating. Its magnificent red heart will steal your heart. Made completely of glass, you can have fun experimenting with temperature play. The Icicles No. 32 is curved to perfection, and is just an amazing glass toy to have.


Glass, good for vaginal & anal, beautiful, temperature play, smooth, beginner friendly, hand made.


Tip is a little pointy.
  • Material / Texture:

    Icicles No. 32 is created out of Borosilicate glass. Borosilicate glass was first developed by German glassmaker Otto Schott in the late 19th century and sold under the brand name "Duran" in 1893. After Corning Glass Works introduced Pyrex in 1915, the name became a synonym for borosilicate glass in the English-speaking world. Borosilicate glass is less dense than ordinary glass. While more resistant to thermal shock than other types of glass, borosilicate glass can still crack or shatter when subjected to rapid or uneven temperature variations.

    When broken, borosilicate glass tends to crack into large pieces rather than shattering (it will snap rather than splinter). When using your Icicles No. 32, it should be brought to the temperature of your choosing at a slow rate. For example, when boiling it, you should allow it to sit in the pan and collectively come to a boil. Don't wait for your water to be fully boiling and then place your toy inside of the water. Although the risk is small, it can crack when done that way.

    The Icicles No. 32 doesn't carry any type of smell to it, nor does it hold onto to smell. It also doesn't carry any type of taste at all, so those who like to put their toys in their mouth can do so without any worry.

    The Icicles No. 32 is a very unforgiving toy: it doesn't have any give. It isn't plush at all. You can't bend it or twist it to your liking. The texture of the Icicles No. 32 is rather smooth; it doesn't have any type of bumps, lines, or ridges. This lack of texture makes it more appealing to a larger group of people. The Icicles No. 32 is not porous, so you can use it between partners after cleaning without the use of a condom.
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    Borosilicate glass
    Material safety
    Safety features:
    Food-grade material / Hypo-allergenic / Latex free / Non-porous / Phthalates free
  • Design / Shape / Size:

    The design of the Icicles No. 32 is very different. I don't really own any that look or are shaped like this one. It has this enormous, beautiful heart handle. You don't have to worry about it slipping, or mistakenly flinging it from your hands during heavy use. It also has this bump-like design: it looks as if someone took a bunch of round bubbles and placed them together. It's a very unique looking glass dildo, and it's extremely visually appealing. Although it does have this bubble like design, as the bubbles become smaller they create this curved-in feature. It was created this way to give the most optimal reach when reaching the G-spot or P-spot.

    The execution of this design and the purpose of this design were perfection, but I can see how some people may not think it's as perfect as I do. This is because the smallest and last bubble on this glass dildo has a little point, and this may make some people feel as if they are just poking themselves. It would have been better if the ending tip was just a tad bit more rounded.

    The Icicles No. 32 isn't the largest toy, nor is it the smallest toy. It has a length of 9 inches, an insertable length of 6 inches, a circumference of 4 1/4 inches, and a diameter of 1 1/4 inches. The size and design of the Icicles No. 32 is perfect for both beginner and advanced alike. The Icicles No. 32 is not the most discreet glass dildo, but it's easy to hide. You can place it in your top drawer, or hide it under the pillow.

    When traveling outside the house with it, you will need to make special arrangements. The Icicles No. 32 doesn't come with a storage pouch, so you will either need to get one of your own or make one. You can roll it up in a towel, a soft shirt, or even a couple of pairs of socks. This will dramatically lower the risk of breaking during traveling.
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    Insertable length:
    4 1/4"
    1 1/4"
    10 oz
  • Performance:

    I loved the look of this glass dildo, which is my number one favorite thing about it. I also love the feel of it in my hands. I love that this glass dildo does have some weight to it. It feels as though you have something in your hands. I love the huge handle at the very base of the Icicles No. 32 because it fits perfectly in the palm of your hand, and allows you to have a very firm grip onto it with the risk of dropping it.

    This large handle is also perfect for using it anally. You can have fun playing anally without having to worry about losing your grip on it. You can hold the base in between your ring and index finger and have a comfortable hold on it. It does get a little slippery when using lube.

    When using it during temperature play, we only allowed it to boil for about three minutes as if we were cleaning it, and after a few seconds of sitting in the cool air we were able to use it. The Icicles No. 32 was able to hold on to the heat for a good 5 minutes. Now, when we used it cold, it was a different story. I think we left it in the freezer a little too long. We had to let it sit out for about 5 minutes before we could comfortably hold it. I'm not able to insert the dildo cold, but we did use it for body temperature play. It lasted for a good 10 minutes before returning to room temperature.
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    Special Features:
    • Waterproof
  • Care and Maintenance:

    Caring for the Icicles No. 32 is very easy. Because it's made out of glass, you can clean it just about any way you want. You can wash it with mild soap and water. You can use your favorite toy cleaner; you can place it in the top rack of your dishwasher. You can even boil it for a couple of minutes. You can use any lube of your choosing.

    When storing it away, you can store it wherever you like. You can hide it between clothing in your drawer, or in your toy box. You should try and keep it away from other loose glass toys so that they don't clash together: this can cause it to crack or chip. If that happens you should discontinue use. You should also keep it from heights where it can roll down from. Like I've stated before, it doesn't come with a storage pouch, so you will either need to make one yourself or buy one.

    Care and cleaning:
    Bleachable / Boilable / Dishwasher safe / Microwave safe / Soap and water
  • Packaging:

    The Icicles No. 32 comes inside of a really nice and sturdy box. The box does have the item pictured, so you can see the toy without even opening the box. The box also has this little silk ribbon sticking out the side: this opens the little flap. Behind this flap is a window so that you can view the actual toy and not just look at the pictures on the box. The box isn't discreet, so it may not be the best to give as a gift in a public setting. Inside the flap it does have a small description about the toy, but there are no real care instructions; this same information is on the back of the box, too. Although the box is rather large, it does make for nice storage. You can choose to keep it, or toss it. When you open the box, your Icicles No. 32 is embedded in thick foam to keep it from moving around in the box.
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  • Experience:

    I was actually surprised by the Icicles No. 32; I didn't think it was going to be as beautiful or as functional as it is. Like I stated before, the ending of this glass dildo comes to a little bit of a point and I was really worried about that. I was worried about it poking me. I'm so glad that I was given the chance to try this out, because I love it. It's absolutely stunning to look at and even more stunning to hold in my hands. With this creative design, when using anally you don't have to worry about it slipping out.

    Although I love this for G-spot stimulation, I would recommend caution because of its pointed end. I didn't have to do much moving around when finding my g-spot, because we have a general idea of how far I need to go to reach it. I would think for someone who doesn't know where their g-spot is and is getting it for that one reason, they may find it to be a little uncomfortable. I say this because it isn't a large end and can make you feel like you're poking yourself.

    Currently the Icicles No. 32 has a permanent spot in my bedside toy box; this is the first, and so far ONLY, dildo that I can let my boyfriend take full control over and still reach my G-spot. We've tried with just about all of my toys and he can't do this with any of them. We are both new to the G-spot world, and finding something like this was just amazing. Now, we just have to teach him how to reach it with other toys. I swear that sometimes I think my G-spot moves to different places, but it could be that with different toys it takes more to reach it.

    My name is Miss Nessa and I approve of the Icicles No. 32
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