Turned G-spot Dildo discontinued

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Product: Turned G-spot Product: Turned G-spot
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A closer look

Wooden sex toy with knobby shaft and G-spot handle

How big it is

The extra-long 8" insertable length

Length: 10"

The extra thick 5" circumference at the widest point

Diameter: 1 5/8"

Weight: 1.5 lb

How it feels

Material: Wood

Smooth texture for gliding with less lube

Safety features: Food-grade material / Latex free / Phthalates free

Color: Brown

How it works

Waterproof for aqua play and thorough cleaning

Can be cleaned with 5% bleach solution

Ordering Details

Manufacturer: Nob essence

Catalog ID: NOBDU012

  • The Allure, or Turned G-spot on Eden, is another wonderful wooden toy by NobEssence. It really shines at g-spot stimulation, but also features a bulbed end that can work for vaginal or anal play. This one is worth saving your pennies for!

  • Beautiful, g-spot magnet, dual sided, non porous, sanitizable

  • This is the most exquisite sex toy I've ever had the pleasure to use. My foray with the Turned G-spot ended with two great big orgasms.

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