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Ruling wand

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Double ended dildo - Ruling wand - view #1 Double ended dildo - Ruling wand - view #2 Double ended dildo - Ruling wand - view #3 Double ended dildo - Ruling wand - view #4


Ahh the Ruling Wand. A dildo made of flawless, smooth glass in a moderately-sized design that gives an oh-so-good undulating sensation during thrusting. And that's just one end of it. This hefty wand has multiple uses for the sexually adventurous mind, and isn't likely to disappoint.


Smoooth, reasonable size, easy to grip, can be heated or cooled.


May need an alternate long-term storage option.
  • Material / Texture:

    Everyone knows glass-- nonporous, odorless, smooth, and easy to clean, but the Ruling Wand isn't comparable to the same glass you handle when you're having a spot of lemonade. This toy is solid borosilicate glass, thick and weighty, and not something that you could break by doing anything short of dropping it on a hard surface (and even then you might just get away with some chipping). That's not to say you should feel free to abuse the toy, but what pressure you exert on it with your vaginal muscles or by pressing at an odd angle is definitely not going to put you in harm's way. The surface is entirely smooth with nary a seam, providing a very smooth ride overall. It also stays slick with a body's natural fluid, so you may find that little if any additional lube is needed to use it.

    Glass toys are legendary for their usefulness in temperature play, and the Ruling Wand does hold its own in that arena. A nice long soak in hot or cold water changes the feel of the toy for a reasonable bit of time. You do need to be cautious with extreme temperature play scenarios, though. Boiling the toy is fine, as is icing it, but don't jump quickly between the two or there is a chance it could break, as any glass could in that situation. And obviously, when playing with heat, you'll also need to be sure that the toy isn't hot enough to burn any delicate parts!

    Glass also has the benefit of being sanitizable enough to safely switch between using it for anal and vaginal play or to share with a partner, provided that you use bleach or boiling to clean it between switching.

    Tempered glass
    Material safety
    Ribbed / Smooth
    Safety features:
    Food-grade material / Hypo-allergenic / Latex free / Non-porous / Phthalates free
  • Design / Shape / Size:

    Aside from looking attractive, the design of this dildo is meant to give you options. The ball and four stacked rings will likely be more appealing to people who prefer to thrust with the toy, for the simple fact that they give more stimulation. The single ball followed by the narrow shaft is more maneuverable once inserted, and would probably be the most attractive for applying direct G-spot pressure for that reason. Not that you *couldn't* use either end for the same purposes, though, and at nearly 8" in length with a ball at each end, it's not difficult to find a comfortable spot to hold on to.

    The Ruling Wand is 1.25" wide no matter which end you decide to use first, which is neither overly large nor small. First time glass toy users may be surprised at how the hard material can make it feel larger than a toy of equal size made from a softer material, which is an interesting sensory illusion.


    Clear / Pink
    7 1/2"
    Insertable length:
    6 1/2"
    4 1/2"
    1 1/4"
    1 lb
  • Performance:

    Unless you warm it first, the Ruling Wand feels cool and smooth on insertion, after which it warms quickly to body temperature. And if you do warm it first, you'll find that it holds heat for quite a long time. The hefty weight of this toy adds its own brand of pleasure, making it feel even more stimulating than might be expected at first glance by pressing on each sensitive spot in a very noticeable way.

    The single ball end will be more thrilling to some than to others, as it’s only capable of pleasuring a small area at a time. It is, however, easy to angle in any direction that you'd like, which is not something that's as comfortable to do with the other end. The ringed end is far more "filling" and, to borrow a phrase from the manufacturer, creates a notable undulating sensation when you move it. Because of its length, though, this part can feel awkward inside if you angle it overmuch.

    Special Features:
    • Waterproof
  • Care and Maintenance:

    When it comes to cleaning, a glass sex toy is as versatile as they come. You can boil it, bleach it, put it in the dishwasher, use a commercial toy cleaner, or just use soap and water. All you really need to avoid is using abrasives, but since nothing sticks to this material anyway there should be no reason to. Fair warning though: a soaped up Ruling Wand is a slippery Ruling Wand, so you might want to place a washcloth in the bottom of your sink to cushion any impact if you happen to drop it.

    Glass is also compatible with any kind of lubricant you want to use, if you need it.

    You obviously do have exercise a bit of common sense when you store this toy, as in don't throw it in the bottom of a bag unprotected with other hard objects that might scratch of chip it. But we really didn't need to tell you that, right?

    Care and cleaning:
    Bleachable / Boilable / Dishwasher safe / Soap and water
  • Packaging:

    While the toy is stellar, Don Wands leaves us a bit high and dry when it comes to packaging. Or should we say, packaging that could be used for storage. The box that Ruling Wand comes in is made of light-to-medium weight cardboard with a thin clear plastic window in the front. Inside is a tightly fitting nest, made of the same thin clear plastic, that slides out for the toy to lie in. This isn't going to last for long as a storage solution. If you don't want to purchase a padded bag, we suggest either wrapping the toy in a hand towel and tucking it away somewhere safe, or covering it with a pair of thick socks, one on top of the other.


  • Experience:

    Alan says:
    I've always maintained that a toy like this would be difficult to use on a woman without accidentally hurting her, but I was thinking too much inside the box. Pun intended. The first time we used it, the shape of this toy inspired me to try it as a massager, which is something I'd not considered before. I started to drag the single ball lightly over her skin to tease her and was surprised with the results; plenty of those Mmm sounds that let me know I'm doing something right! When I got to her legs I turned it horizontal and used it to work her calf and thigh muscles, then resorted back to the ball to tease between her legs with a bit of her own wetness. I did hand it over to her at the point of entry, but now I know glass toys can be useful in more than one way.

    Later we expanded on my idea and she used it on me just for a massage. It didn't take long to understand what she liked about that. The toy stays cool in an air conditioned space, and a little massage oil makes it even better. It's an experience I highly recommend.

    Michele says:
    We have a lot of glass toys that we bought for decorating (love that art glass!) but I've only actually *used* one glass toy before this one. I was hesitant when I used the first one and wound up not liking it much at all, which pretty much convinced me that I just wasn't a glass toy girl. I think I was a little hasty in that opinion. The single ball end of this toy... eh, it doesn't do much for me. On the other hand, that ringed end... wow! I don't know why Alan chose the crazy "Bump" title for this review, but the rings really do make an awesome undulating (not bumping) pressure during slow thrusting. I can't even really describe it. It's a sensation I haven't gotten from any other toy before, though, and I really like it, especially combined with how smoothly this toy glides. Ok, well, I really don't want to embarrass myself here, so let me just say that if you're newish to glass toys and aren't sure if you like them, you might want to give this one a try.

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