Majestic pleasure awaits with this big silicone dildo

Caesar large dildo

Caesar large dildo

Delightfully heavy and soft this gigantic silicone dildo is the king of pleasure. Enjoy its beautifully sculpted head, squishy balls, and strong suction cup for orgasmic hands free rides.

  • The odorless, body safe silicone is warm and soft to the touch;

  • The realistic detailing allows for the life-like stimulation;

  • The strong suction cup allows for hands-free orgasmic rides.

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  • Caesar large dildo - Realistic dildo with suction cup
  • Caesar large dildo - Realistic dildo with suction cup
  • Caesar large dildo - Realistic dildo with suction cup
  • Caesar large dildo - Realistic dildo with suction cup
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5 reviews

Product Details

Realistic dildo with suction cup - Caesar large dildo - view #1 Realistic dildo with suction cup - Caesar large dildo - view #2 Realistic dildo with suction cup - Caesar large dildo - view #3 Realistic dildo with suction cup - Caesar large dildo - view #4
  • Material / Texture:

    The EF product page says this is Silicone. While the dildo was inside my vagina, I wasn't so sure about the material. The texture of the material and the protruding veins were uncomfortable. I wasn't sure if it was due to its size or the material or both. I compared this to my other favorite toys, EF Mega, VC Outlaw and the Tantus Revolution. I've had allergic reactions to PVC before and prefer silicone. I may end up using a condom with this if necessary.

    The texture of Caesar is more grainy than all the others. Perhaps that played a role in it not sliding in easily. It is not as slick as the others compared in this review. Out of all of them: Mega is the slickest followed by the Outlaw, then Tantus Revolution.

    As far as smell my Caesar was very faint. In comparison, the Mega has the least, followed by the Tantus Revolution, the Outlaw and then Caesar in that order.

    Out of all these dildos, Caesar is the softest and plushiest.

    As far as texture, no doubt this is for advanced users. The size and texture of this tugged my lips and his anus back and forth.

    Material safety
    Safety features:
    Hypo-allergenic / Latex free / Non-porous / Phthalates free
  • Design / Shape / Size:

    This is the most realistic dildo I have ever seen. The skin on this is very defined. The large head has lines and wrinkles just like on my husband. The veins on the shaft are very thick, long and stick out like none I've ever seen before. The testicles on Caesar have lines and wrinkles everywhere. Someone at EF took extra effort to make this look so real.

    Underside of Dildos
    Wrinkles on Caesar's testicles.

    Mega, Caesar, Outlaw, Revolution
    EF Mega is the smallest and shortest; Both Outlaw and Caesar are 2" in diameter, but Outlaw shape is cylindrical and 2 more inches insertable

    Realistic wrinkles and lines on Caesar's big head
    4 popular large dildos
    EF Mega, Caesar, VC Outlaw, Tantus Revolution. Notice the outline of the veins on the shafts. Caesar's not only are more pronounced, but they are also firmer.

    The head of Caesar is large like a real penis. The glans also are very true to life. They are quite pronounced like a mushroom.
    Glans of Caesar are quite real

    Corona ridge is quite pronouncedCorona on Caesar is frightening real. Expect fluids to stick to its underside.

    Caesar's head and shaft are very soft and squishy. Out of all the toys pictured above Caesar's softness will squish in more than the others. This also is due to its core being thinner. All of them can also be bent in half easily.

    Here are his dimensions: Tip to suction cup 9 3/4"
    Insertable to the balls: 7 1/4"
    Maximum if bend the balls: 8 inches!
    Circumference: 6"
    Widest width: 2" top of the shaft to bottom. 1 3/4" across the top of the shaft

    9 3/4"
    Insertable length:
    Harness compatibility:
    O-ring compatible
  • Performance:

    This dildo is sure to fill and perform. Weighing in at 1 lb and 5.6 oz you will feel its power in you. Even only one half to / three-quarters of the way in you will fill its might!

    Although this dildo is very hefty, the suction cup performed very well. He left it on the side of the tub, and it stayed there for a few hrs. While writing this review whenever I set it down it was difficult to remove off my desk.

    Hang on tub
    Stuck there overnight

    Special Features:
    • Bleachable
    • Boilable
    • Large
    • O-ring harness
    • Realistic shape
    • Suction cup
  • Care and Maintenance:

    This can be cleaned with a toy cleaner, soap, and warm water. And after cleaning, it did not retain any odors. It can also be boiled for 3-5 mins for super cleaning. As this is silicone, don't use the silicone-based lube. For this hefty fellow I recommend thick gel-like Slippery Stuff Gel.

    Storing is easy. The suction cup sticks to my dildo shelf and stands it upright.

    Care and cleaning:
    Bleachable / Boilable
  • Packaging:

    Caesar came in a cello bag. No fancy box/holder. And no instructions. Hee hee, instructions for a dildo?

    Packaging Caesar Came In

  • Personal comments:

    I used a thin lube for this my first time. Next time I'll try to use the thick Slippery Stuff Gel.

    I also plan on using a condom to help with the texture and discomfort. However, it may take a while before I'm in the mood for a BBC. I'm sure he will encourage me though. Silly men and their BBC fantasies!

    The best way to use Caesar in a harness is to slip it in through the back. We do it like this with any large dildo. Particularly the BD Nox and the Outlaw (Righty named the Boss) The only drawback is he will not feel the big balls hitting his a**.

  • Experience:

    It was New Year's Eve, our traditional big sex night. I warmed up with the EF Unity Two while watching the ABC NY's Eve special. I got this the same time as the Caesar. I have to tell you, the Unity Two is fantastic!

    I will be doing a review on this later. I love this dual simulator! So much I played with it for 30 minutes.

    He was getting impatient and told me it's time to try the Caesar. He asked me if I wanted to warm up first with the Mega or the BS's Nice dildo. We named this the "Cow" because of its black spots. I chose the Cow because of its tapered shape. We like this for warming up before a large toy.

    Warm up toy
    Tip is small and curved then widens to girth of 1 3/4 "

    After only 5 mins, the Cow made me climax. The tip is acutely curved and rubs my G spot and inner walls. I left Cow in me for another 5 mins and gave it a squeeze every now and then.

    Now I was ready for Caesar. Or thought I was. The head didn't want to go in. I applied some more lube and pushed a little harder. By now I was having second thoughts about using this BBC he ordered. After a few mins of gentle pushing, I only managed to get one-third of it in. It felt uncomfortable. Not sure if due to its size or the grainy texture. So I gave up and grabbed the Cow again. After another orgasm, it was his turn. He was very excited but one and done. I put the Unity back in and actually fell asleep with it inside me.

    Pegging with Caesar:

    The next night it was his turn. He had no reservations about tackling Caesar. He did ask me to use the Cow dildo first though. For anal we use Slippery Stuff Gel. I guess I should have used this super thick lube the night before also. He took the head quite easily. Past the head was more of a challenge. I only let him have a quarter inch at a time as Pegging is supposed to be pleasurable, not painful. It took about 10-12 mins including breaks just to get it halfway in. I decided to stop when I noticed his anus being tugged back and forth with every motion. Since I knew he wanted more, I switched to the Boss. He enjoyed the Boss for about 30 mins. And so did I. :)

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