Doc Johnson Destroyer - Realistic dildo from Doc Johnson

Destroyer Realistic dildo by
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  • Destroyer - Realistic dildo
  • Destroyer - Realistic dildo
  • Destroyer - Realistic dildo
  • Destroyer - Realistic dildo
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Masturbation will never be the same after you experience the pleasures of this adult sextoy.... This elongated molded dildo crafted from soft beige-colored rubber will drive you wild with its revolutionary state-of-the-art skin stimulating material and 2 perfectly defined ribs below the head. It is so good that you will wonder how you've ever lived without it.

- Why wait to experience the extraordinary pleasures this classic dong will bring to your masturbation sessions? With its realistic smooth tipped head, perfectly erect shaft and firm base shaped to resemble a real penis, this cock is waiting to fulfill you and your partner's every desire.

- But what truly sets apart this dong from other classic dildos are its perfect dimensions specially created to ensure complete sexual arousal. With its oversize 12 inch long smooth, flexible shaft this amazing cock has continued to inspire sexual fantasies since its inception making it one of the most sought-after sextoys available on the market.

- It is important to keep any sex toy clean. The use of condoms is recommended to keep this porous adult toy clean and to minimize the risk of transmitting viruses or bacteria especially if the toy is being used both anally and vaginally. To get the most pleasure from your adult sex toy use a new condom for each partner and for each part of the body and use mild soap and water to clean the dildo after use.

Catalog ID: DJ021301

  • Properties

    Ribbed / Smooth
    Insertable length:
    10 3/4"
    1 7/8"

See Destroyer image.

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    Customer comments

    • anonymous
      I'm a luckiest guy on earth, i have so much fun with new toy, i get tons of plesure with every inch, the fist couple of time i could,t handle it, but now i master to take the whole thing, and it makes feels like the first time every time, the only thing is that now my ass is getting ready for something biger and wider...hhhhhhmmm can wait to see wat my next to is going to be ;)
    • anonymous
      filled the bill for my third step, making room for rambone. great natural fill but a suction cup would make it great.
    • cadam
      love smooth shaft still making room for rambone
    • Corey Welch
      Corey Welch
      My wife loves it when i strap this on and slam all of it inside of it. she likes 11"+ inside her but this one is just the right length so i can pull nearly all of it and slam all 10"+inside of her. its awesome!
    • Muffins
      I love this toy! I cannot get it all the way inside yet, but it's definitely fun trying. I love cumming all over the long, smooth shaft. It leaves my pussy wanting more... :)
    • Luceigh Q
      Luceigh Q
      I adore this toy. It fits like a warm, humping brick inside my wet pussy... my pleasure chamber... my thinly guarded bird cage. This thing is a little too small for my vacuous vagina, but it does give me and my gf Kimbarleigh (usually she spells it with lil stars lol) a lot of pleasure and a lot of hard core cummin's!!!!!!!!! Could be a lil longer!!!!
    • anonymous
      definately goes nice and deep when you crave it. i'm not sure if its humanly possible to take the whole 12" without it just folding in half inside you, though its fun trying! all in all its a great toy beginner or novice
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