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The giant is ready for another assault on horny lovers. With 14 1/2 inches from the base to the top, it is insertable about 11 inches from the top of the balls to the tip. The dong is more oval shape than round, so the diameter ranges from 2 3/4 inches to 2 1/4 inches.

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  • Properties

    14 1/2"
    Insertable length:
    7" / 8 1/2"
    2 1/4" / 2 3/4"
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    • Naughty boy
      Reviewer, rank 4.6/10

      This is only for those bold and experienced enough to accept the "challenge". It is to be treated with the same respect as a piece of military ordnance. While this is not the largest toy I've seen on the market, it is definitely playable and satisfying. Careful use will provide you with some of the best pleasure you can get from a sex toy.

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    Customer comments

    • anonymous
      i have taken this up my pussy and i get wet jusy thinking about takes time patience and your work it good,once its in there you just want to explode!!!!!!!!!
    • anonymous
      this toy is huge not for the amatuer use plenty of lube. i use for anal play and i got to tell you this toy is great. perfect length and perfect girth.i have only got about 8 inches in so far but that is enough. i shoot cup fulls of cum every time i use this toy. beware of the size this thing is huge. id give this thing a 10 but cant. the only set back is it is to flimsy if they could make this just a bit stiffer it would be awesome. thanks doc johnson for a great toy. keep um cumming and make them bigger.
    • anonymous
      This toy is great. The hubby already knows when I pull this out of the toy box he's going to be on his own for the rest of the night. It's fun to make him watch and tell him how much this toy satisfies me in ways he will never be able to.
    • LM
      Barly fits in my back door and have been working up to it for six months...Can get in 2inches past the head and feel very full with it in!!! I bought it just for fun and never dreamed I'd be inserting...Not for amatures and do check out photos...this thing next to a pop bottle is re-dick!
    • Jaime
      I've had this wonderful toy for two weeks now and on my fourth try got it to within just a couple of inches from the base. The head actually flares out to just under 3 inches and its the hardest part to get in. Riding this monster is getting better every time.
    • Dildo Lover
      Dildo Lover
      I love the size of this dildo, finally got it up my ass today. I had to gasp when it finally got up there. I turned on the vibe and got a nice rush from it. Although the size is nice, the dildo itself is a little bit too soft. I would have liked it a little harder, would have made it easier to get up my ass. Also, it's too smooth. Would like to have some veins or ridges for a little friction. But size counts for a lot and it stretched my ass good!
    • skippy
      Hot damn, i just got off this big monster and my ass is still pulsating! Not the biggest ive had but certainly a good quality ass ride. i couldnt give it a 5 star rating as the girth is just a bit to small for me. i am quite good with extreme insertions and am a former gay porn actor with an ass that could basically swallow a public mailbox if it had to. Doc Johnson pleae make something a bit bigger but you giys are moving in the right direction and that direction is right up my pooper.
    • Jack Fredrickson
      Jack Fredrickson
      At first when my friend showed me this I thought it was a flavored dildo.... But once I started riding this thing the fun never stopped! But later on I started to feel this sharp pain in my stomach...I went to the doctor to ask what was wrong without telling him I was riding a giant purple dildo...he said that I would have to have an operation costing thousands (2300) of dollars because of the ruptured colon. It was good while it lasted but its just not safe for me now my sister uses it and she says its amazing... 5 for the the pleasure 1 for the pain
    • ljmg
      well this is a big dido alright, but its no match for my wife's big old cunt. She took on this monster with no problem what so ever, right to the balls and road it hard till she came several times. But she is used to big cocks I have two buddys that are very well hung and I'm no slouch in that department myself and theres been many times she has taken all three of us on and she has no problem, I,m thinking about a ten man gang bang on her. Make something alot bigger my wife's big cunt will welcome it.
    • Clint Eastwood
      Clint Eastwood
      Im gonna give this guy a 4 only because i cant get it in yet...that will change. Since I could take a 7 1/2" in circumference plug ez i thought that this would be no prob, boy was i wrong. I can get almost all of the head in but that last "hoorah" is quite large, in a good way. Its quite a cock haha, if you like a challenge this baby is it. Just remember lots of lube and even more patience.
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    • Clint Eastwood
      Clint Eastwood
      I came back to give this guy a 5/5 because i got it about halfway in my ass and let me tell you it feels very filling. The hardest part to get in is the head, after its in it feels great.
    • Johnny Pipe
      Johnny Pipe
      I also got a ruptured colon from this. But it saved my life because I was coincidentally in the earliest stages of colon cancer. There cheers for The Great American Challenge!
    • anonymous
      0/5 stars. awful material causes horrible burning.
    • adamcooke
      I accepted the “Great American Challenge” and what a challenge it was! After numerous attempts in several positions I finally triumphed. We don’t have many toys like this in the UK and now my previous favourite bedtime companion (The Sean Michael’s Mould) doesn’t even touch the sides! Thank god for latex and KY!
    • this could be a challenge, really :)
    • Deansson
      If you got a ruptured colon from using this, you were probably too eager. 3 years ago I could've taken it no sweat but I'm out of practice. So I took it slow, stopped when I felt I needed too, and after 6 months I had it in up to the balls and saw stars.
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