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Hung vac-u-lock

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Realistic dildo  - Hung vac-u-lock - view #1 Realistic dildo  - Hung vac-u-lock - view #2 Realistic dildo  - Hung vac-u-lock - view #3 Realistic dildo  - Hung vac-u-lock - view #4 Realistic dildo  - Hung vac-u-lock - view #5 Realistic dildo  - Hung vac-u-lock - view #6 Realistic dildo  - Hung vac-u-lock - view #7


This item is totally worth the money if you want a huge dildo that your partner can penetrate you with. Be careful and use lots of lube before attempting penetration. This dong brings anal penetration to a whole new level. Expect to be shocked by the appearance, and shocked again by the penetration. If you can overcome that, this toy can provide lots of pleasure.


Realistic, extremely large, surprisingly soft texture for a large dildo, and vac-u-lock compatible!


Fairly strong cherry odor, extremely large (not for the inexperienced).
  • Material / Texture:

    Hung is made of pthalate-free Sil-a-Gel, which means the toy is easily cleaned and cared for. This dildo does have a distinct cherry smell, which is kind of overpowering and not all that pleasant. It is virtually tasteless, but is not practical for oral because it's simply too big. Hung is pretty flexible in that you can bend it and squeeze it, which makes penetration more comfortable than a plastic or rubber dong.

    Material safety
    Safety features:
    Anti-bacterial property / Latex free / Phthalates free
  • Design / Shape / Size:

    For such a large dildo, it has an incredibly soft texture and feels pretty realistic. The veins on the shaft, detail of the head of the penis, and lifelike balls add to this attachment's realism. When it is worn with a strap-on harness, it looks insanely huge. My wife is 5'3" and when she strapped it on, it came down to her knees! This detracts from the realism but adds to the fantasy and is great for couples who like role play scenarios. It works well with a vac-u-lock harness and can be used "hands free" once inserted. The novice or average user will not like this toy because of its overwhelming circumference. But, if you are even considering this thing, you're probably not an average user! For those who like girth (I would recommend trying Kong the Realistic first), this toy is pretty amazing.

    Inserting this dong anally is quite a feat. My wife used a LOT of lube just to get the head inside. Once inside, I thought I may not be able to take any more and asked her to take it out. After applying more lube to my hole and the the head of Hung, she entered again. This time, my hole was more receptive, and she went deeper. Ultimately, it was about 6 inches deep when I started to come. This cock feels incredible given the right amount of time to warm up to it. Expect to feel intense pressure prior to this dong feeling "good" up your ass. But if you like size, it's worth the initial discomfort.

    12 1/2"
    Insertable length:
    8 1/4"
    Harness compatibility:
    Vac-u-lock compatible
    3.5 lb
  • Performance:

    The best part of this toy is that it is simply the largest strap-on dildo you will ever see. This dong worked really well with the vac-u-lock harness (which is the only way to experience strap-on sex in my opinion). Because the attachment is so large, my wife did have to hold the dildo with her hands until the head was inserted, but after that she was able to thrust (gently) without having to hold onto it. The biggest detractor is the odor (artificial cherry), which is very strong.

  • Care and Maintenance:

    The toy is very easy to care for - soap and warm water immediately after use. Material is compatible with water-based or silicone lube. In my opinion, water-based lube such as Astroglide gel is the only way to go. We store the dildo by wrapping it in a towel and keeping it in a drawer. It won't fit in a small 10" x 10" box that we've got our other dildos in because it's so big.

  • Packaging:

    Hung comes in standard Doc Johnson packaging (plastic, cardboard). It has a picture of the dong on all four sides, so definitely not discreet. If shipped, it will of course be concealed in a delivery package so your neighbors don't know what a sexual deviant you are! It has a caption on the side: "Have you ever wanted to know what it feels like to be extremely well hung?", which I thought was funny. There are instructions for how to use it with a vac-u-lock harness, but these are hardly needed (stick the hole onto the vac-u-lock plug, et voila). It comes in a plastic bag, but does not contain a "sack" with which to store the attachment. The box itself would not be a useful storage solution. As mentioned above, wrap in a towel and store in a drawer.

  • Personal comments:

    I don't plan on taking this cock every time my wife and I have a strap-on session, but it was pretty amazing. The feeling of the head working its way past my o-ring was intense. Once inside, the shaft puts pressure on the prostate, providing an almost constant orgasmic feeling. It was somewhat painful and I would expect that a lot of people may not enjoy it. But for those who want to explore the feeling of shocking penetration, anal punishment, and sexual submission, Hung is the toy for you. Your partner may be shocked by the fact that you want her to put this thing inside you, so make sure you have a tolerant partner who will understand your desire to be punished for pleasure before buying this toy.

  • Experience:

    My wife and I have several vac-u-lock attachments, one of which is Kong the Realistic. I took Kong (which is a BIG dildo in its own right) out to compare to Hung. It literally looked tiny in comparison: half the length, and significantly less girth. When my wife got home from work, I took her to the bathroom where Hung was standing upright on the bathroom counter. When she saw it, her jaw dropped, then she laughed a little, simply overwhelmed by this dong's dimensions. After the initial shock, she started to ponder how much work it would take her to get it in my ass. We then had a drink together and she said, "Good thing you're having a cocktail to loosen you up" with a chuckle. The innuendo continued and she started to warm to the idea that she had a huge new dong with which to punish me. We are an adventurous couple and enjoy role reversal quite a bit, so she knows that when she straps it on she gets to be in charge and see me submit. Thinking about strapping on a 12" black cock, especially after a cocktail, turned her from being initially shocked to anxiously awaiting the experience we were about to share. A few hours later, my wife strapped on this behemoth while wearing a leather cupless corset and some patent leather dominatrix boots. Seeing her with a huge black cock that swung to her knees gave me an instant hard on.

    As I was stroking my cock and sucking my wife's breasts she told me to get down and suck her massive member. I couldn't get anywhere near past the head of Hung. She then took out Kong and made me suck it while I stared at by wife's black cock. She then ordered me to the bed where she fingered me while sucking my cock. She lubed heavily and then put all four fingers and her thumb in my ass while performing oral. After nearly fisting (up to the knuckles) my ass for a few minutes, she asked if I was ready. I said yes, and the work began. Heavily lubing up this massive dong for insertion, my wife gently pressed the head up against my hole. Even the initial contact was making my penis drip with precum. She slowly worked the head inside until it disappeared in my ass. The head alone was the most intense feeling my ass has ever had. Adding more lube, she pushed slightly deeper, and I asked her to take it out. It was so big I didn't know if I could endure. She then added more lube to my now gaping hole and to the head of the dong and slowly inserted again. This time the head was inserted more easily as my ass stretched in anticipation of the shaft. Once inside, she slowly pushed deeper, making me moan like a woman. She was able to get the shaft a little less than half way in, pumping 8-10 times when I finally exploded in ecstasy.

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