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Elastabind jockstrap restraints

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This unique toy has a wide variety of interesting uses. Although it's not ideal for heavy bondage players it will certainly find a place in the toy boxes and hearts of quite a lot of couples. A fun, unique, and versatile little product.


Well made, fits most people, comfortable, multiple uses.


Barely bondage at all.

Best use:

This is a jockstrap with elasticized restraints on the back. It's probably best for men as it is a jock strap though it will fit women as well (with a bit of room in front - you can use the penis pocket to store spare pens, snack foods, loose change etc). It's really best for light bondage as its elasticized cuffs are easy to slip out of regardless of the size of the user's hands. Also considering that for the restraint portion to be used the jock strap has to stay on makes this a less than ideal toy for intercourse.

It can be used several ways: you can restrain the partner wearing the jock strap in the cuffs thus preventing them from getting handsy (for about 5 seconds should they wish to escape), or you can restrain the partner not wearing the device with their arms around the wearer forcing them to hug/grope the ass of the wearer, or my personal favorite - you can restrain the other partner behind the wearer, buy ten of them and get a bondage conga line started. Seriously though, with a little creativity you can come up with something.
  • Design / Craftsmanship / Material / Size / Fit:

    This is a black spandex jock strap with elasticized cuffs on the back of the elasticized waist band. It's relatively well stitched together, but the choice of materials is poor if one hopes to use this for anything but the lightest of bondage. According to my male friend it's roomy enough in the crotch area (and he's an average sized guy as far as I know) and it's stretchy enough to fit both a large-ish dude (like my friend) to a small woman (like myself or my partner) so I suppose it's fairly versatile. It is quite comfortable, though the cuffs are a little itchy, but worn without the cuffs this is quite a comfortable undergarment.

    Elastic / Nylon
    3 3/4"
    4.8 oz
  • Performance:

    This works just fine as a fun, slightly silly light restraint toy. In terms of serious bondage the fact that the cuffs are made of slip on elastic makes it fairly useless as anything more than a symbolic restraint. It's relatively well made, with regular stitching and so on, but the choice of materials means that if you for some reason choose to struggle in these restraints (rather than merely slipping out) this will probably rip if the person is of reasonable strength. As stated in the use section, I found a few various positions for restraint that this product can be used for (binding the wearer, binding another party with their arms around the wearer, binding another party behind the wearer in a sort of bondage conga line)

    I still haven't figured a way to have sex while wearing it (even trying to give oral sex while wearing it is relatively difficult as I need hands to brace myself or risk suffocation).

    Other than that though, it's comfortable, easy to put on and I suppose sexy looking if you're into that sort of thing.

    Special Features:
    • Kinky
  • Care and Maintenance:

    This is made of fabric and can be tossed in the delicates cycle of the washing machine and hung to dry. Don't put it in the dryer. I store it in my underwear bin.

  • Personal comments:

    I would like to say, I have no idea why EF chose to assign me (a lesbian) this particular product. I don't wear jockstraps, no one I sleep with wears jockstraps, so forgive me if I'm less than knowledgeable about jockstraps as this is the first one I've ever come into contact with. Secondly, this is a sex product that requires you to keep your pants on... but it's not a chastity belt. I'm not really sure what's up with that, but anyway, they assigned it to me, so I'm going to damn well review and I'm going to review it well.

  • Other
    One size fits most
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