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Open up your own sex farm with the Elsie blow up cow by Pipedream. This funny inflatable vinyl love doll will allow you to unleash your darkest animal-loving fantasies to the full extent. The back entry mimics all the sensations you get from a real model so don't hesitate to let of your dirty steam with Elsie - she's always ready for your loving.

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    • This is hilarious
    • funny
    • If this wasn't meant to be fucked, would they have given it a hole?
    • Dude love
      Dude love
      Chill dudes, the first reviewer is joking. Whats more funny than cracking jokes about shagging farm animals on the internet to scare people (and using the name of someone you HATE so they'll cop the abuse instead) Pity the cows udders cant contain milk, or else THAT would be a real laugh!
    • anonymous
      lmao! i think maybe the first one is a joke? idk. if it's real he really needs some counseling.
    • What
      who the hell is screwing inflateable animals sick dude. Im mean lock up the sheep and other barnyard anaimals. this product was intended as a gag gift not for that popa cow sexy fantasy youve always dreamed of, but for that purpose im as joke you weird mf its perfict.
    • jordan
      It is great for rear penatration, the moo sound makes me get off so fast it is great the lube that comes with it is a nice extra....after a while i started likeing the cow more than girls and guys...elsie is the best, dont know what i would do without her..
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