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Product summary and comments by Tuesday


The Mini G is a small waterproof vibrator that can be a pleasant way to start your pleasure sessions. Because it's so quiet, it also serves well for use when others are in the house. While it doesn't work remarkably well for its advertised purpose, it's useful for clitoral stimulation for those looking for vibrations of mild strength.

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Catalog ID: SE212240

UPC: 716770062642

  • Material / Texture

    Safety features:
    Food-grade material / Hypo-allergenic / Latex free / Phthalates free
    Tuesday's opinion
    The Mini G is made from ABS plastic with metallic plating. It's small and lightweight. The surface is shiny and smooth. There are two circles of rubber O-ring material around it - one at the opening of the cap and another for decoration closer to the tip.

    It has no taste or scent at all.

    You can see a slight remnant of a seam near the tip. The seam wraps up the back, over the tip and down the front. It's so subtle that you won't notice it unless you're examining it closely. You can't feel the seam with your fingers. Even though it has a plastic finish, its surface has a pleasant feel to the touch.
  • Design / Shape / Size

    2 3/4"
    Tuesday's opinion
    The Mini G is 2 3/4 inches long with a tip that bends into a rather pointy tip. It has a circumference of 2 1/4 inches. It is made from hard plastic so it will not bend during use.

    It is powered by a single N battery. Fortunately the battery is included. It can be a challenge to find that size battery in stores. Mini G is not quite the intense vibrator it is advertised to be, but it is much stronger than you would expect for something powered by such a small battery. No doubt it helps that there is nothing soft or flexible about its design to dampen the vibrations.

    This vibrator is intended to be used for G-spot stimulation. It's incredibly light and is also waterproof. The cap removes easily to allow easy insertion and removal of the battery.

    There is an easy to turn dial at the base of the vibrator that can be used to turn it on and control the speed of vibrations. Just above the dial is a decorative gold band.

    There is a warning sticker on the body of the vibrator. Using a magnifying glass you will see a standard warning about not using this product on inflamed or irritated skin or on unexplained calf pain.
  • Functions / Performance / Controls

    Powered By:
    Tuesday's opinion
    A dial at the base of the Mini G controls its vibrations. Turn it slightly and vibrations start. Continue turning to increase vibrations. Turn the dial the other way to turn it off.

    It's possible to use it for G-spot stimulation, as intended, but there isn't much to hold onto when used in this manner. Vibrations also can't be felt strongly internally. You will need a shallow G-spot and not need strong vibrations for this vibrator to work for you internally. It can also be difficult to know whether the tip has moved away from an upward orientation. There is no way to tell from the tiny part of it that will be external to you during use.

    Even though its advertised as a G-spot vibrator, it works much better for clitoral stimulation. The curved tip and hard surface allow you to hold it against the side of your clitoris in a way that feels surprisingly good. Vibrations feel much stronger clitorally than internally. While its vibrations still aren't strong when used externally, they are sufficient for those who are satisfied with mild vibrations.

    It's a quiet vibrator that you can use when others are in the house with little danger of others hearing. It is one of the most quiet vibrators available.
  • Care and Maintenance

    Tuesday's opinion
    The Mini G is an easy care toy. It's waterproof so it can be washed with soap and water after use with no worries, then towel dried.

    It's small and light, so it is easy to store. Tuck it somewhere near your bed. Carry it in your purse. Hide it in a bathroom drawer.

    Any lube is safe to use with the Mini G.
  • Packaging

    Tuesday's opinion
    Mini G comes in a plastic clamshell package. A glossy insert describes its main features. A small paper insert shows you how to orient the battery for insertion.

    It takes a bit of effort to put the vibrator back in its slot on the front side of the package and the battery in its slot on the back side. You will probably not want to use the packaging for storage, especially if you remove the battery between uses.
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