Eyes of Desire – a story of a sensual awakening

Eyes of Desire DVD by Femme Productions
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Candida Royalle is a female producer that once acted in films herself. Disappointed that there didn't seem to be enough movies for women out there; with more of a storyline and realistic people and dialoged, she decided to start her own production company... these movies are definitely X-Rated and show nudity and lovemaking but stay away from close up shots in general. They are a nice safe bet for women who have never seen X-Rated films before, found the ones they've seen too much, or want more of a storyline. A soft-spoken, beautiful photographer retreats to her friend's hillside home to re-think her relationship and career. The quiet gives rise to an unspoken "longing" for somthing she cannot define.... a sensual awakening that is fueled by the discovery of her friend's high power telescope. Through this new "lens of desire," she is drawn into a dangerous game of mystery and lust when she discovers that it is she being watched by an unknown stranger from a nearby abandoned estate. Who knows what is behind this strange occurrence? And where will Lisa's journey into the erotic taboo of voyeurism lead her? EYES OF DESIRE....a fantasy so forbidden, one could only pretend.

Catalog ID: FP002

  • Content / Genre / Audience

    Couples / Straight
    Femme Productions
    Candida Royalle
  • Actors

    Chloe / Herschel Savage / Mickey G. / Missy(I) / Sharon Mitchell / Tom Byron / Tony Tedeschi
  • DVD Features

    DVD-ROM Compatible / Interactive Menus / Photo Gallery / Chapter index / Previews of upcoming releases
  • Other

    Number of Discs:
    1 hrs. 32 mins.
    Release Date:
    Production Year:
    Femme Productions

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