Pipedream Fetish Fantasy rope cuff set - Wrist and ankle cuffs from Pipedream

Fetish Fantasy rope cuff set

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Wrist and ankle cuffs  - Fetish Fantasy rope cuff set - view #1 Wrist and ankle cuffs  - Fetish Fantasy rope cuff set - view #2


Pipedream's Rope Cuff Set comes with two pieces of rope, a blindfold, and a ball gag. The rope is made of a soft, comfortable cotton. What makes the set great and unique, however, is that the rope requires no tying; none whatsoever! Just adjust, and you've got yourself a restrained partner!


Rope is easy to use, very comfortable, and soft, and the blindfold works well.


Ball gag is made of rubber and isn't the most sturdy of gags.
  • Design / Craftsmanship / Material / Size / Fit:

    The rope cuffs not only come with the cuffs, but they also come with a ball gag and a little nylon blindfold. Everything in the set is some shade of pink, the rope being a more magenta hue and the other pieces of a lighter, baby pink. All of the rope is cotton, making it soft and almost luxurious feeling. Though it's possible that the rope may give rope burn if the wearer moves in the wrong way, it's very hard to do that unless the wearer struggles an extreme amount.

    The design of the rope is rather interesting, and almost hard to explain. It comes pre-tied, with little clips where the d-rings on other cuffs might be. What the clip does is slide across the rope, making the cuffs adjustable to fit the wearer's specific needs and size. Thankfully, the way that the clip is situated makes it impossible to remove the clip, meaning that the clip will not accidentally slip off.

    In the middle of both rope pieces is a little enforcer made of rubber or plastic (I am not sure which). I'm not exactly sure what it's there for other than to keep the rope tied and together. In total length, the shorter rope piece is a little over 19", which should give enough room for two cuffs, each being at least 10". The longer rope is an entire 45", which gives tons of space for ankles, using it for attaching the person to a bed post, and the ways are endless.

    Since the ball gag and blindfold are not the main parts of this piece, I'll talk about the minimally. The ball gag is a rubber ball, 1 3/4" in diameter, that is fully adjustable on its cotton rope strap. It closes by a plastic, three-prong buckle. The blindfold is nylon with an elastic band and does block out most light (only shadows can be seen), but is very flimsy and not of the best quality. It does work though, and is comfortable, so you can feel safe using it.

    Cotton / Rubber
    Material safety
    22" / 46"
    Buckle / Cinch
    6.5 oz
  • Performance:

    I really, honestly, love the rope for this set. It's easy to use, extremely comfortable, and is a very pretty shade of pink. Truly, it's so easy to use (which is why I call it the "lazy Dominant's rope")—I do not have to worry about tying or sizing anything. A simple tug of the rope and it's in place, finished! Though it's not possible to make decorative ties with the rope, it does still work for general cuff and restraint use.

    I could personally do without the blindfold and gag, but they are of an "alright" quality, and they work (wish that the gag was silicone, though). Keep in mind that the gag does have a horrible rubber scent, so it may be best to keep it in its plastic bag so that it doesn't make any of your other products smell bad.

  • Care and Maintenance:

    The rope should be easily cleaned either in the washing machine or in the sink with warm, soapy water. I wouldn't expect the blindfold to be needing a cleaning, but if it does, it can also be cleaned by one of those two methods. As for the ball gag, it cannot be sanitized, so soap and water is all that can be used to clean it.

    Storing all of the pieces to this set is easy because they are so small (which is why I decided to recycle the box that they came in). The rope and blindfold can be put into a drawer or on a shelf, and the ball gag can be stored with other products of the same type (just make sure to keep it in the plastic bag). I personally keep my rope and blindfold in my "special drawer," but the gag stays with my box of other bad smelling items.

  • Packaging:

    The cuffs come in a recyclable cardboard box that is fairly small in size. Every piece of the set comes in its own plastic bag. I did not keep the box for storage due to its indiscreet nature, with a model wearing the rope in a number of different suggestive poses. It's not the most informative packaging, having little to no information about the product other than its name, but it works for shipping and is fairly minimal.

  • Personal comments:

    I rated the set four stars due to the lack of quality of the ball gag. However, since the ball gag was not the main focus (otherwise, I would have rated it three stars), I kept it at four to be fair to the really easy-to-use rope.

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