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Fetish Sex Book by Daedalus Publishing
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Most everyone has a fetish, whether you realize it or not, and though sensationalistic accounts are fun to watch and hear about, they are often misleading and can distort the facts. As an erotic guide for couples, "Fetish Sex" by author, editor, and acclaimed porn expert Violet Blue, seeks to identify the fetishist within us all, helping to explore and demystify this often misrepresented world with accurate and simple explanations geared toward relationships. Inside you'll find ideas about how to maximize an existing fetish, find out if you have a fetish, how to "come out" about your fetish, discover a community of like-minded individuals, and more. With a frank and friendly introduction into the fetish world, this book includes practical advice for fetish play, sensual perspectives on each act, and erotic short stories by author Thomas Roche to help inspire and ignite your journeys. Everything from roleplaying to cross-dressing, human animal play to medical play, and more is discussed in an informative tone that is both humorous and enlightening, with a positive and safe approach toward couple-centered discovery.

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