Herotica 6 – a set of stories to give you a real glimpse at what women really want

Herotica 6 Book by Down There Press
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As the "most successful series of erotica written by women" the Herotica fiction anthologies "open wide the window on what women really want," delving further into "every facet of a women's desire" by paying special attention to the many ways in which women are aroused. A recipient of Forward Magazine's "Book of the Year" award, this sixth volume offers up 21 new hot and sizzling stories focusing on intimate connections between women and their committed partners of "all genders, combinations, and orientations."

As Editor Marcy Sheiner notes in her introduction, the reason behind this particular literary device was a simple answer to an age old question: How do women keep sex alive in a committed relationship? As is obvious, all of the contributors to this anthology are women; however, many of them are also lesbians, bisexuals, and sadomasochists, resulting in many stories portraying a variety of relationship types and arrangements.

Written in a lighthearted tone, there is something here to satisfy every taste, whether it's the clinical and comedic "Lesbian Bed Death," a sultry rock infused ménage a trois via "Three Note Harmony," or the gender bending strap-on sex of "Simple Gifts," each story delivers sex that is "tender, playful, and explosive." Exploring the every day to the taboo, the Herotica series thrives in unveiling "yet another dimension of women's sexual expression," sharing their longings, fantasies, and passions with reverence and admiration.

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    Collection of Stories by Various Authors
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    • vagabond
      Advanced reviewer, rank 5.2/10

      Herotica 6 is a book full of diverse and interesting stories bound to have a little something for everyone. The stories are all written in a way that really brings you into the story, although some were a bit too long for me. This is a good book if you have the patience to read through the stories and find a few that you like.

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