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I Love Female Orgasm Book by Marlowe&Company
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Sex educators Dorian Solot and Marshall Miller bring a playful, honest approach to the mystery behind female orgasms. Their advice and expertise has helped thousands of couples enhance their sex lives and understand the truth about orgasms.

Whether you have mastered the art of achieving orgasm or are still trying to reach your first, I Love Female Orgasm! will unleash the orgasmic forces inside you to a new cosmic level. This book is an awesome guide for lovers; giving specific details on how to achieve orgasms during intercourse, the myth about female ejaculation, and why most women don't get orgasms. It also includes an entire chapter for men on how to get your lady off over and over again!

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    Dorian Solot / Marshall Miller
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    2007 year
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    Customer comments

    • This is a good informative book! I have given several away be because I don't want women to wait as long as I did to learn about their amazing bodies! Read. Learn. Enjoy. ;)
    • Nice cover.
    • By all the comments it sounds amazing! I want it
    • cool
    • The cover looks like a pin. I would totally love to see someone actually wearing that pin.
    • haha awesome
    • They used to do tours (I imagine they still do?) years ago and one of my friends proudly wore one the pin on the cover on her backpack all through high school. I wasn't really sex positive at the time so I was kind of surprised, but she took a lot from their presentation and I am sure the book is equally as empowering! I want it :)
    • This is a really great and sex-positive book for women about sexuality in general, masturbation, and many of the common sex acts. Their writing tone is so nice and friendly yet so informative. I love this book!
    • i <3 this book
    • Now on my wishlist... This seems like a book I NEED to read for myself hahahaha
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    • Nice!
    • Oh yes I do!
    • The authors of this book come to my school at least once a year. They're very good at promoting open communication and safe sex... I've always just been really curious about this book.
    • nice!
    • next order! hope it is restocked soon :)
    • Reviewed this book a while ago and loved it!
    • want
    • nice
    • Want!
    • This is on my list.
    • Looks nice
    • Sounds cute!
    • I have this book and it is really wonderful. There is so much information, I am only part way through and loving it. They answer lots of questions that I had pondered before but never actually taken the time to look up, and also hint at other resources you can check out. I may do a review on this book once I have finished it.
    • MiraHakuta
      Looks very interesting ;)
    • yw2
      ooh yeah ;D
    • Kind of says it all...
    • Want it
    • I sure do
    • looks like it would be a great read, I'll need to keep this one in mind
    • :)
    • I don't think that reading this could possibly HURT anything. It seems like it might even be worth it.
    • want this ! :)
    • I am absolutely excited because the authors are making a special visit to present to my college. I am definitely going and hopefully I'll get this book in time to get it autographed by them!
    • I heart female orgasm as much as the next gal, and I thought this was a fair book, whether you're working toward your first O or multi-orgasmic. I was a little perplexed by the emphasis on female ejaculation. I felt like the book implied that that should be some sort of goal or accomplishment. So be it.
    • Added to Wish list! :)
      Very helpful book!
    • KnK
      I approve of this
    • saurou
      a great book overall! informative, fun, and all inclusive for hetero, lesbian, and trans/intersexed. a wonderful read. I'd recommended it to anyone interested in women!
    • Mary
      This book is very informative and just a really fun read. I don't know how many tips my husband and I have gotten from it that have actually improved our sex life. We love it!
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